CelebSecrets4U’s Valentine’s Day Diary with School Boy Humor!

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We’re back with more love questions from your favorite artists. Today, its all about School Boy Humor! I had the chance to talk to the brothers, Phil & Anthony Evans, on what they love about the special day.

CelebSecrets4U: What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?
Phil: “To me, valentines day means spending time with the people who you love most in your life and showing them how much they really mean to you.”
Anthony:Well if you’re single it doesn’t mean much…a time to celebrate your love for a significant other.
CelebSecrets4U: How would you describe a romantic Valentine’s Day date?
Phil: “I would take my girl out on a dinner date on a boat, we’d eat fresh seafood over a candlelit dinner as the sun goes down. Then we’d head to coldstone creamery to keep it down to Earth, finally my girlfriend would take me home and show me how much she really appreciated that date :]
Anthony: For me…must be low candle light, chinese food, fire place..lots of blankets!
CelebSecrets4U: Since we’re all about secrets, do you have a secret Valentine?
Phil: “There’s no secrets on Valentine’s Day, it all comes out!”
Anthony: “Totally single so not this year!”

So there you have it, girls!

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Photo: School Boy Humor

Written by Juliet Schroder

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