Charlie Puth and Kehlani’s “Done For Me” Video Is a Musical Flashback

The referential visuals are as vintage as they come, but the storyline of this new video is a captivating new tale.

Can a music video feel straight out of the ’80s and modern and fresh, all at the same time? By now, I should really know that if I ask a question about if something can be done in music, Charlie Puth and Kehlani can make it happen. If you were hyped about these artists teaming up for their latest single, “Done For Me,” then you are going to be all about their new music video for the track.

With retro, synth-heavy beats, and this duo’s combo of powerful, old soul voices, I was expecting this music video to have some vintage flair. While it may take place in a dimly-lit discotheque, or some opulent place where beds have shiny golden sheets, I was not expecting the video to feel so current.

“Current” in the sense that throughout the song, we hear, feel, and now see a breakup currently happening. Both sides or the relationship are trying to explain their take on the love story, but we all know (them included) that it’s all over. The lyrics? They’re the kind of words you’d yell over your shoulder as you were walking away from someone.

But also “current” because we see Kehlani’s role shown dancing out of her relationship with Charlie and into the arms of another woman. We certainly wouldn’t see such strong and powerful LGBT+ representation in 1988 dance music, but  Kehlani will always be out here delivering.

This collaboration is a vocal blessing to us all, and you really can’t replay this tune enough.

Be sure to check out Charlie Puth and Kehlani’s “Done For Me” music video above, and leave us your unfiltered reactions below.

Kristine Hope Kowalski

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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