Charlotte Lawrence Drops New Song “Just the Same”

Add this to your playlist for the days you’re feeling EXTRA sassy. Trust me.

Is it possible for a song to be upbeat, viral, and catchy – while simultaneously be biting and sassy? Before I heard Charlotte Lawrence‘s new song, “Just the Same,” I may have said that combination was near impossible to get right. Then I gave the track a play, and I found myself smirking and toe-tapping all at once. It reminded me a song I blasted on repeat 24/7 in high school, the “S**t Song” by Kate Nash – which I’d sing with a sarcastic smile on my face, recognizing the lyrics in my own life.

A lot of our favorite pop songs take us through the feelings of not being able to get someone out of your head. Usually because they’re just so darling, lovable, and crush-worthy. On the flip side, Charlotte’s “Just the Same” tells the tale of getting someone stuck in your head – because of all the irritating things they do. They mess with your emotions, they drive you crazy, they constantly keep you guessing. But for whatever reason it is that brings you together, you’re stuck on them. It’s honest and real, even if you can’t always explain it.

Or, as the 17-year-old singer fabulously puts it, “I f***ing hate you, but I love you just the same.”

Make sure to listen to Charlotte’s latest in the YouTube video below, and pick it up wherever you can buy it or stream it to keep it on your own playlist.

Kristine Hope Kowalski

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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