Chelsea Kane Talks Riley’s Relationship with Ben vs. Her Relationship with Danny on BABY DADDY – Q&A! (@ChelseaKane)

Love is a battlefield on the spring finale of ABC Family’s hit comedy series Baby Daddy, and CS4U has the scoop on what you can expect from this epic finale straight from Chelsea Kane, who plays Riley on the show!

In “A Love/Fate Relationship,” Riley (Chelsea Kane) knows she has to tell Danny (Derek Theler) she has feelings for him before his relationship with Robyn (Christa B. Allen) gets any more serious. Riley tries to talk to him at hockey practice, but a food fight and a knockout punch get in the way before she is able to confess her feelings to an unconscious Danny. When Danny realizes Riley knew he loved her but still dated Ben, will he follow his heart to the girl of his dreams or will his pride stand in the way?

Meanwhile, Tucker (Tahj Mowry) is unhappy with his love life, so Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) and Bonnie (Melissa Peterman) invent a secret admirer to give him some much needed confidence. But when a misguided Bonnie sends Tucker a random photo of his admirer and he later spots her on the street, the matchmakers realize they have to do some damage control; they track down the model, Christine (Brittney Alger), and trick her into going on a date with Tucker.

CS4U caught up with Chelsea Kane (Riley) recently where she told us everything we need to know about the spring finale. In our interview, Chelsea opens up about her similarities to her character Riley, Riley’s relationship with Ben versus her relationship with Danny, and where she wants to see Riley go in the fifth season. Check out the Q&A below!

“Love/Fate Relationship” airs tonight, March 18th @ 8:30PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

How do you feel that you and Riley are similar and can relate to one another?  

Chelsea Kane: “I think we’re very similar in the sense that we’re both type A personalities.  Real go getters.  Both sort of “guy’s girls.”  I love that Riley can hold her own with the boys.  I feel the same way.  I am the same way.  I hang out with boys the majority of my life right now.  But, I think we are very, very similar.  In fact, it starts to become a joke of what came first?  The chicken or the egg?  Because so many of my personal Chelsea stories show up in the show.

We come into breakfast on Monday mornings and tell the writers and producers what happened over the weekend.  Or, funny stories that are going on in our personal lives.  The next thing you know, a couple of weeks later we’re at the table reading and are like, “wait a second, this actually happened.”  So, we share a lot of similar traits and speaking patterns.”

How would you compare the relationship that Riley has with Ben to the one that she has with Danny?  

Chelsea Kane: “It’s a complicated one.  I think it evolved a lot in the spring finale airing next week.  You finally see Riley; she’s finally discovered these feelings for Danny and has decided she needs to tell him that her feelings for him are now more than platonic.

I think Riley’s relationship with Ben, she was always in love with him, so she was always a little more reserved, or not quite herself, or doing all of those stupid things you do when you’re in love.  You say the wrong thing, you make a mishap, and then with Danny, she never really saw him that way.  So, she was always comfortable around him, and they were buds.  She could call him anytime, and trusted him.  Now, that she sees Danny in this new light, I actually think those relationships with the boys have completely swapped.  Now, she’s really comfortable around Ben, and their back and forth is a lot more comfortable and buddy-like.  And now, she’s tongue-tied and a complete idiot around Danny.

They’ve really switched places from the beginning of the season to now.”

How did you feel after hearing the news about season 5?

Chelsea Kane: “Ecstatic.  Over the moon.  It’s such an amazing feeling to come back for another season.  I love working on this show.  I love the cast and crew so much.  It’s my second family and they actually made the announcement at our Season 4 wrap party, which started out as such a bittersweet night.  You’re celebrating the end of a great season, but sort of saying your goodbyes and hoping we come back.  I was really bummed.  It was hard to even wrap my head around not going to work every day and seeing these people, or playing Riley anymore. So, to get that announcement that night, it really changed my whole mood.  I went from sort of sad goodbyes to partying down.  It was just really fantastic.”

Is there any direction or story line that you would like to see your character go in?  

Chelsea Kane: “I love how the writers have allowed Riley to not be the perfect woman.  I think sometimes playing a young female on television can be really hard, because you’re playing so many different stereotypes.  You’re either the mean cheerleader, or you’re the nice, perfect girl next door who never makes a mistake.

What I love about Riley is as the season has progressed, the crazy is coming out a little bit more [laughs]. You know, she’s a lawyer, which is amazing, but she’s not the best lawyer.  She always gives it 100 percent and she’s a great friend, but yes, she has mental breakdowns, or she gets confused in romantic relationships.

I really trust the writers to find the greatest and best story lines that I could never even imagine for Riley.  I love to see her in her work environment, because she is such a terrible lawyer, it’s really fun for me to play that legally blonde side of her once and awhile.”

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