Cherri Bomb Brings Down The Roxy (@cherribombband)

Last Saturday we had the chance to catch Cherri Bomb perform at KROQ’s Locals Only Showcase, which features Southern California-area bands at the legendary Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip. The all-girl rock group performed a high-energy thirty minute set that was disappointing only in that it was not longer, as there were several other bands playing that night.

Cherri Bomb is composed of four girls—Julia Pierce (lead vocals/lead guitar), Rena Lovelis (bass/vocals), Nia Lovelis (drums/vocals), and Miranda Miller (keyboard/guitar/vocals)—who range in age from thirteen to sixteen, but you would not know that by the level of professionalism they exude onstage. This professionalism, of course, stems from their obvious confidence in their image and their music, which certainly doesn’t scream “Hollywood Records band!” to us. Julia describes the name of the band as “an explosive, in-your-face, attitude-driven symbol” inspired by a book of stories of female rockers. This is why the label was so smart to sign them. They are young and fun, but exhibit an edginess in their look and sound that makes them stand out from the crop of other female artists their age.  Each girl has a commanding stage presence with which to showcase her individual talents, but the fact that all the girls contribute to vocals helps to pull the whole act together. It was obvious how they have been able to open for such large acts as the Foo Fighters—they definitely have a rich enough sound for arenas. It’s no wonder Alternative Press named them “A Band You Need To Know.” The audience at the Roxy, who was profusely thanked by the band for their support, could have definitely stood to listen longer.

The music video for their single “Too Many Faces” (off of their debut album This Is The End of Control, released on May 15th of this year), will premiere on VEVO on November 5th, and you can bet we’ll post it here for you to enjoy. Meanwhile, you can check out the live version we recorded below.


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