Colton Haynes Never Wore A Lot of Clothes When He Was a Model – Get the Scoop! (@ColtonLHaynes)

colton3Colton Haynes looks super hot in these new photos from a shoot with Yahoo Style released today (February 25) on the page’s official blog.

The -year-old actor and model has what can only be described as beginner’s luck. His very first go-see had been for Abercrombie (nailed it); his first TV audition was for CSI: Miami (got the roll).

The breakout star of the CW’s Arrow and the new face of Diesel sat down with Yahoo Style to discuss growing up, his days as a model (hint: it’s not like Zoolander), being a goofball and more.

How his Arrow character, Arsenal’s, costume compare to the clothes her wore in during his modeling career – “I never wore a lot of clothes in my modeling career. It’s nice to actually wear clothes.”
On moving to New York to become a male model – “The first time I went to the agency — it sounds ridiculous, but they said, ‘Go into the bathroom and work on your faces.’ I didn’t understand what that meant. [I wasn’t the tallest guy in the room so], I would wrap socks and underwear in duct tape and put it in the back of my boots before casting. Then I was six-foot-one. No one knew the difference.”

How his crappy model apartment with bunk beds in downtown Manhattan, was not like Zoolander – “Wasn’t Zoolander a little classier? They were driving around in Mercedes and having gasoline fights. We were starving and trying to find our way around the city.”

On growing up on a farm in Kansas – “I grew up in a town of 650 people,” he says. “There was a bar, a liquor store, a breakfast place. That was it. We didn’t have a gas station.”

On his first acting job on CSI: Miami – “I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.”

About his love of Halloween and dressing up as Princess Fiona from Shrek — with a giant prosthetic nose and a full face of green makeup, last year – “Shrek is one of the greatest movies! I like to transform and do things that are fun. It was the coolest costume I’ve ever done. I just like not doing what people say I should do.”

About leaving most of his Arrow stunts to the professionals – “When it comes to trying to jump out of windows and doing all the crazy stuff, I don’t want to be the person that steps in and tries to make everyone’s job more difficult. I just do the dialogue.  I’m my stunt double’s dialogue double.”

Check out photos from Colton’s shoot with Yahoo Style below!

Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Style

Written by Juliet Schroder

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