Country Artist Spotlight: Meet Veronica Ballestrini (@VeronicaBal)

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Every Thursday, we introduce you to new country tunes from Music City’s hottest rising stars. Today, meet Veronica Ballestrini—a singer/songwriter that is ready to make a name for herself in the world of country music.

Country music recording artist Veronica Ballestrini first broke onto the Country music scene at the age of 17 when she caught national attention from The New York Times for her social media and YouTube success. Her soulful country sound has been leaving impressions on the music world ever since. In 2009, Ballestrini released “Amazing” off of her debut album, What I’m All About, which earned her a debut Top 30 single on the Music Row Country Breakout chart. The video for “Amazing” went on to debut at #3 with Marie Claire featuring Ballestrini as one of their “Artists To Watch For.” After her album release, Ballestrini went on to follow other opportunities including her inspirational Gotta Make A Change Tour, with the mission of spreading a motivatinal message to women of all ages, including performances at numerous Girl Scouts of America events and women’s correctional facilities. More recently, Ballestrini was chosen by Ford Motor Company to be an agent for the Ford Fiesta Movement as part of a promotion with Ford and YouTube. During the project, she and Rock band Secondhand Serenade created a music video for their track “La La Love,” which was featured in Ford’s advertising of the Ford Fiesta. 2014 has been a busy year for Ballestrini as she released her sophomore album, Flip Side, in June as well as her current single from the album, “Cookies and Cream.”  Ballestrini was also recently named the brand ambassador for Davy Crockett’s Cookies & Cream Whiskey. Currently, Ballestrini is gearing up to hit the road this fall for a US and Asian tour with Secondhard Serenade.

CelebSecrets4U had the opportunity to chat with Veronica about breaking into the music business, her new single “Cookies and Cream” and what a typical writing process is like for the country singer. Check out the Q&A below!

Veronica Ballestrini – “Cookies and Cream” – Lyric Video


CS4U: You were first introduced to the music scene when you were seventeen years old — how was it breaking into the industry as a teen?

Veronica: “For me, it’s always been about the fans. Sometimes it’s hard being young and trying to get people to take you seriously. I’ve learned that there will always be negativity and people trying to bring you down, but you need to stay true to who you are.”

CS4U: What is a highlight from your musical journey so far?

Veronica: “Releasing 2 studio albums, touring the US with the Ford Fiesta Movement, and touring in Asia.”

CS4U: Your current single “Cookies and Cream” is out on country radio — can you tell us a little bit about the track?

Veronica: “‘Cookies and Cream’ is a song I wrote about being in love… That can’t eat, can’t sleep feeling. When there are butterflies and magic floating everywhere. Its a happy love song :)”

CS4U: You released your sophomore album Flip Side earlier this year — how was the writing and recording process for you?

Veronica: “Flip Side was a long journey of writing and working to make it right. I worked with an incredible producer named Brandon Metcalf, he helped me to bring the music to life without changing who I am. It was important for me to write every song on the album. Music and writing is a way for me to express myself, and heal. I wanted this album to be real, about my real life experience.”

CS4U: Since our website is called CelebSecrets4U, can you share one secret or hidden talent about yourself that the fans wouldn’t know about you?

Veronica: “I have this thing that happens when I run or exercise. Only half of my face turns red and sweats, the other half stays the same. It’s really awkward honestly. Directly down the middle of my face, you can see a line. I’ve gone to doctors to figure it out, no one knows what causes it. Haha so for now, I’ll just be known as two face 😉 hahahah”


To learn more about Veronica Ballestrini and to see a list of upcoming shows near you, visit and follow Veronica on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

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