Cree Cicchino Talks New Episodes of “Game Shakers” & What It’s Like Having a Twin Sister – Watch the Video!

Photo: Carlee Wieser/CelebSecrets4U

Cree Cicchino returned to her hometown of Queens, New York to celebrate the holidays with her family and to attend a private meet and greet with children from The Kids League at Planet Hollywood Times Square.

The Kids League lives by the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child.” The program acknowledges that children in low-income areas have limited resources for continued growth and so The Kids League is the village that provides educational activities to raise those children. The activities range from music, fashion and arts to sports and health and wellness. They appeal to children 4-12 years of age and aim to improve the skills the children in the program already possess in those special areas of interest.

The Nickelodeon star of Game Shakers met with 30 kids from The Kids League and also sat down with CelebSecrets4U to tell us about other charities she plans to work with during her time at home. Cree also gave us the scoop about the new episode of Game Shakers, premiering Saturday, January 9th and talked about how excited she is to binge watch all of the other new TV shows coming back from mid-season finales this month. Plus, we learned what game Cree and her twin sister Jayce always win during family game night — make sure to check out our video interview with Cree below!

In tomorrow’s episode titled “Poison Pie,” Babe (Cree Cicchino) and Kenzie (Madison Shipman) get noise complaints from the neighbor, so they bake him a pie to make amends. After the pie sends the neighbor to the hospital, Double G (Kel Mitchell) and Triple G (Benjamin Flores, Jr.) go undercover to clear the girls’ names.

New episodes of Game Shakers air Saturday at 8PM ET on Nickelodeon.