CS4U Checks Out Chipotle’s Cultivate Festival in Scottsdale, Arizona – See the Pics! (@chipotletweets)

On Saturday, April 18, Chipotle hosted its first Cultivate Festival at WestWorld in Scottsdale, AZ and CS4U was there to enjoy a day full of food and live music!

The one-day festival ran from 11 A.M. to 7 P.M. and reminded us of a mini-Coachella, but here’s what made it better than Coachella (did we really just say that?) free! The event included live music, cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs, and a ton of different food and drinks to munch on.

Cultivate‘s purpose is to get people talking and thinking about food and its issues. While many festival-goers came for the entertainment, the free festival also offered an experience for all ages to learn something new. If you finished any of the 4 out of 5 educational activities, you received a coupon for a free burrito, bowl, or salad at any participating Chipotle. The festival also included a kids’ section, cooking demonstrations, a ton of seating areas and a cool-down station if the heat was too much to handle. Lastly, local food artisans and vendors were in attendance serving a ton of delectable food you can sample or purchase! My favorite was the ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen.

The best part about the festival, aside from being able to dance freely and sing loudly, was the free live music. The festival included five musical acts and Chris Golub, who hosted the main stage and spun in between acts. The first two acts of the afternoon were Jared and the Mill and Magic Man.

Next, pop-based duo MS MR took the stage with their laid back, fun personalities taking the stage. They had a ton of energy singing their hot single “Hurricane” on stage and made the crowd laugh tremendously. Lizzy Plapinger joking with the crowd that she didn’t know who Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots was, but maybe after the festivals she’ll get to know him!

One of the major acts people were waiting for was Bleachers, with lead singer Jack Antonoff! Everything about Bleachers’ set reminded me of the 90’s, especially Jack’s outfit. He was extremely excited to be there and got the crowd pumped by getting them to sing along and dance with him. His energy ignited the stage and everyone around him. He sang his hit songs, “Shadow,” “Rollercoaster,” and “I Want to get Better.” He even got a bra thrown at him, which his girlfriend of three years Lena Dunham joked about on twitter.

Lastly, the act everyone was waiting for was Twenty One Pilots. Some fans waited since 3 A.M. to get to the front for this band. Twenty One Pilots is comprised of Joshua Dun on the drums and Tyler Joseph as the frontman. Their music is all about self expression and is their own. You can’t really define a genre when it comes to this band. Their music really connects with their fans and it showed that day with the festival packed with fans singing and rapping along to every song.

Joshua Dun on the drums is something every single person should experience, the passion he puts into his playing leaves you speechless; while Tyler Joseph spits fast raps, beautiful choruses, and not only plays the piano, but the ukulele. They sang hit songs from their first album, “Vessel,” and played their first single “Fairly Local” from their upcoming album “Blurry Face.” For the first time ever, they played their new hit “Tear in my Heart.” Their energy excited everyone at the festival and everyone seemed to be having a great time. The show was never dull and always a surprise. They ended the show with their huge hit, “Car Radio”, which they both got into the crowd and played drums on them! When you thought it was over they came back for one more song, “Trees”.

If you missed the Arizona Cultivate Festival, Chipotle is coming to two more cities!  The festival will be hitting Kansas City’s Penn Valley Park on July 18 and Minneapolis’ Loring Park on August 22. For more information on Chipotle’s Cultivate Festival, head over to their official website at www.chipotle.com.

Check out our photos from Chipotle’s Cultivate Festival Arizona below.

Photos: Kennia Cardenas/CelebSecrets4U

Written by Kennia Cardenas