CS4U Exclusive: ‘Awkward’s’ Greer Grammer Talks ‘Awkward’ Season 5! (@Greer_Grammer)

Wire Image/Jeffrey Mayer
Wire Image/Jeffrey Mayer

At just 23 years old, Greer Grammer is a force to be reckoned with. In 2011, Grammer made her mark on Hollywood with the role of Lissa in MTV’s Awkward. She has recently made her jump to feature films, starring alongside actors such as Leighton Meester and Naomi Judd.

CS4U caught up with Greer to exclusively talk Awkward Season 5, on set pranks, what’s up next for the actress and more!

Check out the Q&A below!

Awkward returns to MTV for Season 5 on August 31, at 9/8c.

You are best known for your role of Lissa in MTV’s Awkward. Tell me about her character and how you get into portraying that part.

Greer: “Lissa is kind of known as the ditzy, blonde, naïve, kind hearted cheerleader. She wasn’t so kindhearted first season but she’s gotten better; and I mean at this point its been 5 years of playing her so its pretty easy. Basically I get into this childlike state when I’m playing her because she’s very childish. She believes that every thing is good in the world. She is just happy! So my voice goes up a little bit, I get really bubbly and high pitched I don’t know! It’s easy at this point. She’s like a second part of me.”

How much of yourself do you try to bring to Lissa?

Greer: “Oh, a good amount. I’m very bubbly as well. I love talking to people and I love princesses and Disney stuff. I’m like a 5 year old, that’s how I describe myself. Lissa is very much a 5 year old, a little bit more than me but I bring a lot to her. She’s very much a lot like me.”

Season 5 of Awkward is starting soon, what can we expect?

Greer: “You can expect a lot of things! When we come back in August its senior year. We start after spring break, where we left off and you get to see what happens with Gabby and Matty, Gabby and Jake, and Ben and Matty stuff. Tamara, I believe is engaged, so we get to see what goes on with her engagement. Senior week, which is so much fun! We have the prom, which is great. Lissa takes over the prom; they showed that in the trailer a little bit. There’s graduation, which is exciting. Just a lot!”

You come from a family who is also in the entertainment industry. Have they given you any advice on success and how to handle it? Choosing roles?

Greer: “Yea, my dad he mainly always just says as long as you love what you’re doing you’re gonna be fine and successful. When it comes to picking parts, he just always says you need to find a part that you love and can’t see anyone else doing and just work really hard for it. My sister and I talk a lot more because clearly my dad hasn’t auditioned in a while, so we’ll talk more about pilots, auditions, callbacks and all the hard parts that are in the entertainment industry for an actor.

What can we expect to see from you in the future? Do you have any other projects you have been working on?

Greer: “Right now it’s been Melissa and Joey and everything else other than Awkward, which is so much fun. There are a couple movies I’m in talks to do but nothing is set yet. That would all take place in July so it wouldn’t be out for a while. Just a few things in talks but for now its just Awkward senior year, Awkward season 5 and Melissa and Joey!”

Since our website is called CelebSecrets4U, is there a secret from set you can share with our readers?

Greer: “Ooh, that’s a good question. Oh, my gosh, it’s like I always think of things and I’m like ‘oh that’s what I’ll say next time,’ then I forget when I get asked the question! Basically we’re all just really great friends. We all hang out, that’s not really a secret though. Beau and Brett like to play pranks. Season 2 they had put balloons in Jillian’s bathroom in her trailer. They love to play music; they will sit by the sound cart on set and make up songs- I think I have a video on Instagram of them playing Hotel California or their version of it. They do this thing where they make up a song about each one of the cast members, but yea we just have a lot of fun together!”



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