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Earlier this month, we headed down to Disney Studios for the Teen Beach 2 screening.

Teen Beach 2 picks up at the close of summer after Mack (Maia Mitchell)and Brady (Ross Lynch) return from the wild adventure that transported them into Brady’s favorite 1960s movie, “Wet Side Story.” Now, with surf season over and high school back in session, laid-back Brady and studious Mack begin to discover their differences. While Mack is focused on getting into the best college to study Oceanography, Brady is secretly delving into his creative passion, making surfboards, a secret that begins to drive a wedge between the couple.

Meanwhile in “Wet Side Story” Lela (Grace Phipps) starts questioning the type of person she wants to become. She doesn’t want to just be an object, she wants to be her own person. She finds a “clue” in the ocean from Mack and soon enough Lela is on her way to reunite with her real world friends. Tanner (Garrett Clayton) follows Lela trying to stop her and they both end up in the real world. They are quickly followed by their 1960s bikers and surfer friends led by Butchy, Cheechee and Seacat.

Knowing first-hand that the “real” world and the movie world don’t mix, Mack and Brady do their best to convince Lela and Tanner to return to what they know, but Lela is reluctant to give up the sense of individualism and empowerment she learned about in present-day world.

In a race against time, the four friends must quickly hatch a plan to save the rest of the “Wet Side Story” cast who have started disappearing into thin air. With no waves in sight, Brady puts his one-of-a-kind surf board creation to the test in order to transport Lela and Tanner back to their movie world. If Lela and Tanner don’t make it back in time, the movie will have never existed and Brady and Mack would have never even met. But will they make it back in time? We must say you are in for a fun twist in the end.

Throughout the movie we see many song and dance numbers. We even hear some songs we all know and loved from the first movie. We loved this movie and Garrett Clayton made Teen Beach 2. He was hilarious.

Teen Beach 2 airs TONIGHT at 8:00PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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