CS4U Goes On Set of Nickelodeon’s New Series “Game Shakers” – Watch the Video!

Robert Voets/Nickelodeon
Robert Voets/Nickelodeon
Robert Voets/Nickelodeon

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Last month, we had the opportunity to visit The Burbank Studios in Los Angeles to check out the set of Nickelodeon’s new series Game Shakers and hang out with cast members Kel Mitchell, Cree Cicchino, Madisyn Shipman, Benjamin “Lil P-Nut” Flores, Jr. and Thomas Kuc. To say that we had a blast is an understatement!

If you aren’t familiar with the show already, hit-maker Dan Schneider (iCarly, Victorious, Henry Danger) created the new series, so automatically you know its going to be a hit. It centers on middle-school students Babe (Cree Cicchino), a girl who dreams big, and Kenzie (Madisyn Shipman), a kid who can code. Together they create the biggest mobile game of the year named Sky Whale and team up with rap superstar Double G (‘90s icon Kel Mitchell), his son Triple G (Benjamin “Lil P-Nut” Flores Jr.) and schoolmate Hudson (Thomas Kuc) to launch their own gaming empire.

During our time on set, we were able to tour the Game Shakers set and see where the cast films an episode! After we toured the set, we sat down with each of the cast members to talk all things video games and old school Nickelodeon. In our interview, Kel, Cree, Madisyn, Benjamin and Thomas tell us what we can expect from the series, their favorite video games to play in real life and some juicy on-set secrets! They even tell us why YOU should tune in to Game Shakers on Nickelodeon — make sure to watch the video below!

Game Shakers’ premiere episode features cameo appearances from YouTube’s pop culture comedians and gaming entertainers including GloZell, Lasercorn and ProJared. After an app they create for their school science project unexpectedly turns into the biggest mobile game of the year, Babe (Cicchino) and Kenzie (Shipman) use their profits to start Game Shakers, a super-cool gaming company based in Brooklyn, N.Y.  Not realizing they illegally sampled a song in their game from superstar rapper Double G (Mitchell), the girls decide to make him their business partner along with his son Triple G (Flores, Jr.) as a game consultant. Together, Babe, Kenzie, their schoolmate Hudson (Kuc), Triple G and Double G work to make Game Shakers a huge success in the gaming world.

Game Shakers airs on Saturdays @ 8:30pm ET/PT on Nickelodeon. Check out our video and the trailer below.


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