CS4U Heads Out to the Big Brother: Season 16 Wrap Party


The season of Big Brother 16 was a HUGE hit and one of the most talked about reality shows of 2014. Even those who didn’t watch it knew something about it!

Ariana Grande’s brother, Frankie Grande, was featured this season with the cast members not knowing who he really was in the beginning. The final four were Derrick, Cody, Victoria, and Frankie. The season ended recently on Tuesday, September 23rd, with Derrick winning the whole competition.

There was a Big Brother Finale Party on Thursday, September 25th, at club ELEVEN in West Hollywood, for a huge celebration. The party was hosted by previous Big Brother contestants Rachel Reilly and Ryan Allen Carrillo, who are also stars of Reality Relapse. People from other reality shows and television shows not only came to support, but because they were also obsessed with this season of Big Brother. Past contestants of Big Brother were also in attendance and it was a big love fest reunion.

Member of this season’s Big Brother, Victoria, Amber, Cody, Frankie, and winner of Big Brother 16, were also in attendance. Frankie Grande made a sparkling entrance, lit up the carpet with his personality and was a huge crowd hit. Derrick and Cody were fashionably late, but made an entrance. Fans went crazy for them and they couldn’t believe people were there for them! They wouldn’t even let them out of the car!

We tried to get some secrets out from Frankie Grande, but he said there were no secrets in Big Brother. They showed you everything, everything the fans saw was raw and real. What is he going to miss the most about the house? Aside from him eating a lot of fish, he is mostly going to miss Zach, #relationshipgoals! We were definitely saddened Zach wasn’t an attendance because we really wanted another reason for a Zankie reunion.

What was your favorite memory of Big Brother? Who was your favorite member of the house? Let us know!

Frankie J. Grande Interview – Big Brother 16 Wrap Party

Written by Kennia Cardenas