CS4U Movie Review: Disney’s “Big Hero 6”

Walt Disney Animation Studios

“I fail to see how flying makes me a better healthcare companion.” -Baymax
“I fail to see how you fail to see that it’s awesome.” -Hiro

Big Hero 6 takes place in a town called San Fransokyo where we the viewer meets Hiro Hamada (played by Ryan Potter), a 14-year-old genius who has quite an interest in robots and robot fighting. Hiro makes a very interesting invention that is said to change the world by how it works, but unfortunately his invention gets stolen by an evil “kabuki masked” man. Hiro then discovers one of his brother’s inventions, Baymax.

Baymax is an inflatable robot who was designed to be a healthcare provider and care for anyone who is hurt. After discovering his brother’s invention, Hiro gets the idea to reprogram Baymax to help him get his own invention back.

Hiro also asks some of his friends to help him capture the kabuki masked man and become Big Hero 6. The interesting part about this group of superheroes is that they all use their intelligence and their own inventions to try and defeat the kabuki man. Throughout the movie, Baymax comes at a very crucial time in Hiro’s life. Baymax helps Hiro grow and serves as a friend to him in his time of need. They have quite a cute and funny friendship!

Big Hero 6 is packed with action and adventure that is sure to catch anyone’s attention. Being a Disney film, Big Hero 6 is destined to have many themes within the storyline. The film is also filled with many different types of scenes that will take your emotions on a rollercoaster. The theme that is deeply stressed throughout Big Hero 6 is friendship. The bond between Hiro and Bynax is very strong — we see Hiro and Bynax go from complete strangers to partners in crime.

Big Hero 6 is Disney’s 54th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. The film is also the first Disney animated film that was inspired by Marvel Comics. Big Hero 6 is definitely one of those movies where you can watch by yourself or with friends and family. We predict that it is going to be the next big thing this holiday season!

Big Hero 6 opens in theaters on Friday, November 7th.