CS4U Movie Review: Disney’s “McFarland, USA” (@DisneyPictures #McFarlandUSA)


Disney’s newest film McFarland, USA is an inspiration movie based on a true story about a couple of kids who did not believe they had a bright future, but thanks to their coach they realize they have potential to do whatever they put their minds to.

The movie takes place in a small town named McFarland in California’s central valley in 1987. McFarland is a small town that consisted mainly of latinos who were fruit or plant gatherers in the fields.

Jim White, played by Kevin Kostner, gets fired from his previous coaching job when he loses his temper and hurts one of his students. He then relocates to McFarland where he was offered an assistant coach position as well as a science teacher. As soon as he arrives in the city, his family immediately dislikes it because they are the only “white people” there and believed they stood out. Unfortunately, Jim has no choice because that is the only job he was able to get. On his first day of assisting the main coach, they have a disagreement and the main coach decides to tell the principal that he can’t work with him, making Jim the new P.E. teacher instead of a coach.

While teaching his P.E. class he soon notices that some of these kids are outstanding runners. Jim then gets the bright idea that he could start a cross country team and he could coach them. He runs the idea by some of the students and of course some students give him negative feedback, but he convinces the students and the principal to let him start coaching them.

McFarland, USA‘s story follows the team throughout their first meets and the journey the runners went on to be one of the best cross-country teams. What is interesting about McFarland, USA is that it is based on a true story with real people and their real struggles. They all come from humble beginnings and do not think they would have a bright future. They figured they’d become pickers just like their parents, but their coach inspired them to be on the cross country team and aspire to attend college.

The fact that Disney decided to do a film on Mexican-American families definitely is different then a lot of their other films. This movie is heartwarming and extremely motivational. It will have you in tears at some points, but it will also make you laugh. This is such a great movie to watch with your family and friends.

Be sure to catch McFarland, USA in theaters February 20th and let us know what you thought of it!