CS4U Predicts Men & Women’s Ski Slopestyle Final Winners at X Games Aspen 2015 (@XGames)

Joss+Christensen+Olympic+Athletes+Pose+Portraits+XhpqXIj3SMjlThe countdown to the 2015 Winter X Games has officially begun!

With only 2 days left until the athletes hit the slopes, CelebSecrets4U is giving you the breakdown on what you can expect from the world’s best as they battle it out for a podium spot in Ski, Snowboard and Snowmobile competitions.

Today, we are sharing our thoughts on who will snag the medals for Women’s and Men’s Ski Slopestyle. Check out our predictions below…


Men’s Ski Slopestyle:

1st Place- Nick Goepper– Nick is the gold medal defending champ at X Games Aspen 2013 and 2014. Nick won bronze in the Sochi Olympic games so we think Nick is going to come hungry for the gold to remain the champ.

2nd Place- Joss Christensen– Joss has no medals in the X Games, however he won gold in Sochi. Since Joss did win gold we think he is definitely going to come and get ready to place. We think he is going to get the silver.

3rd place- Gus Kenworthy– Even though Gus does not have any medals at Winter Games Aspen, he did win bronze at the Winter X Games Tignes 2013. He also won silver at the Olympics. We think Gus is going to take bronze this year


Women’s Ski Slopestyle:

In the Women’s Ski Slopestyle it is all fair games for these three athletes considering the winners last year are not competing this year.

1st Place- Dara Howell-Dara placed 4th at X Games Aspen last year. However, she won bronze at the 2013 Winter X Games Aspen and Tignes. Considering last year’s athletes are not competing this year. This is Dara’s time to win gold.

2nd Place- Devin Logan– Devin placed 5th at last year’s X Games in Aspen. However, she placed silver at the 2012 Winter X Games Aspen. We think this year she will come hungry and win the silver.

3rd Place- Keri Herman- Keri placed 6th at X Games Aspen last year. Keri won silver at the 2010 and 2011 Winter X Games. Looking at her previous placing over the years we believe Keri will come in 3rd to win the bronze.

What are your thoughts on our predictions for the 2015 Winter X Games? Make sure to see who snags the medals from January 21-25 only on ESPN.