CS4U Predicts X Games Austin 2015 – Skateboard/BMX Big Air Doubles (@XGames #XGamesAustin)

Eric Lars Bakke / ESPN Images
Eric Lars Bakke / ESPN Images
Eric Lars Bakke / ESPN Images

The countdown to the X Games Austin 2015 has officially begun!

With only one day left until the athletes hit the skate park, CelebSecrets4U is giving you the breakdown on what you can expect from the world’s best as they battle it out for a spot on the podium in select skateboard disciplines.

Today, we are sharing our thoughts on who will snag the medals for Skateboard/BMX Big Air Doubles.

X Games Austin 2015 will debut for the first time ever, Skateboard/BMX Big Air Doubles where a team consisting of one Skateboarder and one BMX rider will each take a turn on the Big Air ramp seeking their best score (BMX athlete drops, SKB athlete drops, one athlete at a time). Athletes will be scored on overall impression and the team’s final score will consist of a combination of the Skateboard and BMX athlete’s best scores.

Check out our predictions for Skateboard/BMX Big Air Doubles below…


  • Jake Brown (AUS)
  • Bob Burnquist (BRA)
  • Tom Schaar (USA)
  • Elliott Sloan (USA)


1st Place: Bob Burnquist is all about skating and flying. He is also a seven-time XG Big Air champ. He has also won 5 straight X Games Big Air comps. We think he will be taking home the gold in Big Air Doubles.

2nd Place: Tom Schaar owns two X Games Big Air medals: a silver from LA 2013 and a bronze from Munich 2013. His bronze in Munich made him the youngest X Games Big Air medalist. We think it will be a close call between Bob and Tom, but Tom may be taking the silver in this new comp.

3rd Place: Elliot Sloan medaled at all four 2013 X Games Big Air events, including gold in LA.Sloan owns five X Games medals overall, including a Big Air gold, two silver and one bronze from the 2013 X Games Big Air events. We think he will be taking home the bronze in this doubles competition.


  • Chad Kagy (USA)
  • Colton Satterfield (USA)
  • Morgan Wade (USA)
  • Zack Warden (USA)


1st Place: Chad Kagy is a four-time XG gold medalist (Vert ’06, Big Air ’08, ’10, ’13XGM), has medaled in four different disciplines and has 15 medals overall. He is currently the third-most decorated BMX athlete. We think Chad will be taking home the gold in this doubles competition.

2nd Place: Zach Warden is a two-time X Games BMX Big Air gold medalist. He is coming back after breaking his left tibia in 2014. Since turning first arriving on the X Games scene in 2007, Zach has had 9 X Games appearances, earning five career medals in BMX Big Air including two gold, one silver, and three bronze. We think Zach will be making a strong comeback and will be taking home the silver.

3rd Place: Morgan Wade is a five-time X Games medalist. Morgan has the X Games Record for the highest recorded air on the quarterpipe. He is a five-time X Games medalist who claimed a BMX Big Air gold in LA 2013 and became the X Games BMX Big Air height record holder at X Games Barcelona 2013 with a max height of 23-feet 3-inches. X Games Austin 2015 will be his 15th appearance and we think he will be taking home the bronze.

What are your thoughts on our predictions for Skateboard/BMX Big Air Doubles? Make sure to see who claims the titles TOMORROW — Sunday, June 7th @ 1:00PM ET on ESPN.

Juliet Schroder

Written by Juliet Schroder

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