CS4U Talks to WITS Academy’s Kennedy Slocum – Watch the Exclusive Interview Now! (@KennedySlocum)

Hey there CelebSecrets4U readers!

We recently caught up with the amazing Kennedy Slocum who plays Ruby Webber, a powerless and manipulative witch, on Nickelodeon’s teen drama WITS Academy.  In case you’ve been living in a bat cave, here is the 411 on the Every Witch Way spin-off!

Andi (Daniela Nieves) who is Emma’s best friend, is attending WITS Academy when she comes to the realization that she wants to be a Guardian. However, just because she’s best friends with the Chosen One doesn’t necessarily mean things are going to be easily handed to her. Through out her time there at WITS, Andi meets other Guardians in training such as Luke (Ryan Cargill) who becomes her love interest, Kim (Jazzy Williams) her new roommate and closest comrade and Ruby (Kennedy Slocum) who initially was her roommate, but quickly became Andi’s arch-enemy and the school’s antagonist. Will Andi live up to expectations of being the first human Guardian or will she let Ruby get to her? Looks like you’ll have to stay tuned!

In last night’s episode, Ruby showed Agamemnon pictures she took of Wonky Andi which resulted in him expelling the real Andi. However, Andi isn’t the culprit who injured the sacred Dyad Tree, Ruby is! Will Andi be able to clear her name or are her days at WITS Academy over? Tune in tonight to find out!


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Photo by Kennia Cardenas/CelebSecrets4U