Daddy Yankee Is Going the Extra Mile To Help Hurricane Relief in Puerto Rico

Here’s how the chart-topping artist is giving back, and inspiring his fans to do the same.

With so many natural disasters happening around the world right now, it is hard to not just feel powerless instead of hopeful for recovery. But there are many people out there who are helping out in big and meaningful ways, and inspiring so many others to follow in their footsteps.

One of those supporters is Daddy Yankee, who really deserves a special shout out for going the extra mile to help out in his native Puerto Rico and beyond. Not only has the singer already donated substantial amounts of his own money ($100,000 to Feeding America and another $100,000 to Red Cross) with plans for more to post-Hurricane Maria aid and relief efforts (and Mexican earthquake relief), but he is getting his fans in on the action in a big way to broaden the impact.

The artist teamed up with several localized organizations, like the Puerto Rican Family Institute, the Hispanic Federation and the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, to turn his recent US concert stops into drop-off points for fans to bring their much-needed donations. Through collections in New York, Connecticut, and Illinois, Daddy Yankee fans have already contributed truckloads of emergency essentials, like first aid supplies, baby products, and water.

“A lot of people don’t know I’m from Puerto Rico,” the “Despacito” and “Gasolina” singer told CNN during an interview about the devastation he has seen island-wide. “I have my family there, I have my wife, my daughter, and I live there still … and we really need your help. A lot of people don’t know Puerto Ricans are American citizens … we need the federal money for the citizens and for the government to help the locals.”

“I believe is a fact of life for the fortunate to help the unfortunate,” he also said in a statement. “I am sure that God blesses the happy giver and those who help the ones in need.”

Daddy Yankee will also reportedly be visiting Puerto Rico next week, to personally donate what he is able to, and continue his concert drives at his remaining live performance dates. He has also shouted out other artists, like Jennifer Lopez, who are doing their part to give back financially and raise awareness for what his home island needs.

While all of these efforts are wonderful, so much more help is needed across the globe to provide immediate assistance to those in need, and eventually rebuild and restore these beautiful places to what they once more. Here are a few more links you can check out if you are interested in learning more ways you can donate money, volunteer your time, or otherwise share your gifts: details donation and volunteer options

United for Puerto Rico initiative by the First lady of Puerto Rico, Beatriz Rossell

Volunteer with All Hands Organizations

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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