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DS_COVER_WASTIN_GAS-photoCountry music artist Dallas Smith just released his new EP Lifted this Monday (November 24) and the Canada-based artist called in to tell us all about it!

Hailing from British Columbia, Smith brings a healthy dose of rock and roll power to his brand of lively country music. Producer Joey Moi (Florida Georgia Line, Jake Owen) captured his unique energy and unmistakable vocals on his award-winning breakout Canadian country debut, JUMPED RIGHT IN, and Smith has teamed up with him again for his forthcoming project, LIFTED. Amassing national appeal, the CMW Radio Awards winner netted three 2014 CCMA Award nominations including Single, Album and Male Artist of the Year and is the first Canadian country artist to have 8 singles reach the Top 10 at radio in Canada. The singer also opened for music legend Bob Seger and superstar duo Florida Georgia Line.

Dallas’ new single “Wastin’ Gas” is a shout-along song that celebrates the no-particular-place-to-go mentality of young love on a full tank, and is the follow-up anthem to his high-energy single “Tippin’ Point.” “Wastin’ Gas” made its debut on SiriusXM’s The Highway and is featured on LIFTED.

Next year Dallas will embark on his Canadian Tippin’ Point Tour, with special guests Charlie Worsham and Kentucky Best – so you can guarantee “Wastin’ Gas” will be a fun one for the fans on that 20-city tour!

Take a read at our Q&A with Dallas below. For more information about Dallas Smith, head over to his website at DallasSmithMusic.com

CS4U: What can you tell us about the inspiration behind your new single, “Wastin’ Gas”?

Dallas: It is a song written by a guy I met at the publishing company, its one of those songs I instantly hear and the song grabbed me, it kind of took back to the feeling of having someone and enjoying being carefree, like heading out in a car, it doesn’t matter where you’re going just enjoying yourself.

CS4U: I feel like it was very relatable for anyone especially for the summer.

Dallas: I know right, everyone’s been through that.

CS4U: What can fans expect from your upcoming EP, LIFTED?

Dallas: If you’ve listened to before of what I’ve done, it’s definitely a different dynamic, the song just uses a lot of instruments, its different in a lot of ways just tempo wise. It’s just more of a dynamic EP

CS4U: Opposed from the obvious reasons what do you feel like is such a difference when you perform on stage as opposed to performing in a studio?

Dallas: Its two different animals, the studio can be a cold and calculated environment, not all the times, but it can be, but the difference is at the live shows anything can happen, it’s great to see the live fans singing back at you and just feeding off on you and giving back energy.  It’s a completely different experience from being in a studio.

CS4U:  How do you make your set stand out from other country acts? What can fans expect from your upcoming tour?

Dallas: I just kind of do what I do. I came from a background of being in a rock band for ten years and touring the world for ten years, so I have that bit of a rock edge to me and it comes from a natural place. It’s just kind of a part of who I am and what I’ve done in the past. I don’t really try to set myself apart; I just kind of so what I do, and if I stand apart, that’s great.

CS4U: Well, I feel like having a different background, especially with rock, kind of adds that different twist to country music.

Dallas: Yeah, you can hear rock influences in a lot of the stuff going on. It kind of helps me fit in a little bit because it’s just where I came from naturally.

CS4U: You’re a Canadian country artist. Have you ever felt the pressure to move to Nashville?

Dallas: I won’t do it! I love where I live. I’ve got a little boy who’s almost ten here from a previous marriage and he lives very close and we have a really close relationship—I drive him to school, stuff like that—so that’s something I won’t give up. Not to say that I won’t spend more time in Nashville, but this is my home, so that’s what they have planes for, you know?

CS4U:  What was it like working with Florida Georgia Line, one of the biggest country acts right now?

Dallas: Yeah, those guys are great guys. We work with a lot of the same management and the same producer. With my Canadian release, I guess they had heard a lot of it. They had written a song, “Tippin’ Point,” with Jaren Johnson from Cadillac Three, and they had the song and thought of me. They trusted one of their babies with me and the song ended up doing quite well. So yeah, those guys are great guys and they’ve taken me on tour. It’s been really invaluable to be able to watch what those guys do and sort of watch their ascent to stardom. And yeah, they’re good guys, deserve everything they’ve got.

CS4U: Did you feel like there was a difference between United States touring and Canadian touring?

Dallas: No, even with the stuff that I used to do, and we went all over the world—music fans are music fans. I do notice though, the biggest difference is that between the rock shows and the country shows, the country audience is much better looking! The girl to guy ratio is much better!

CS4U:  Are there any other artists that you would love to write with or tour with?

Dallas: I’ve become a huge Lee Brice fan; the more I listen to his stuff, the more I love his voice. I’ve had the privilege to share stages with Jason Aldean, and I’d love to do a tour with a guy like that. There are so many artists out there that are great—I’m a huge Keith Urban fan. They’re a bunch of great guys, so I’d love to spend more time with any one of those guys.

CS4U: Since our website is called CelebSecrets4u, do you have a secret or hidden talent you can share with us?

Dallas: I have a hidden talent. When I was kid—it’s a totally embarrassing one—I won a silver medal at was essentially our provincial Olympics, so like a state Olympics or state championship. I got a silver medal, so second place, in bowling, when I was like eleven years old.

CS4U: So you’re a bowling champ on the side!

Dallas: Well, I was! I was. I don’t think I could bowl anymore. I don’t think bowling is going to pay me anything.

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Written by Juliet Schroder

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