Dana Vaughns Dishes On His Incredible “DNA” Music Video – Exclusive

A danceable new single combined with an impressive one-take dance video? Call us hooked.

Dana Vaughns

If you are looking to have your breath taken away by a music video, just know that you can always rely on Dana Vaughns. The 20-year-old pop/R&B artist just dropped his incredible new single “DNA,” and he brings the song’s accompanying music video to life with some stellar choreography to kick up the killer vocals and infectious beat. Not only will you be impressed by the strength of his track, but we just know your jaw will be on the floor when you spy what he and his dancers have created for this one. The impossibly smooth dance routine is even cooler when we mention that the whole video was put together as one take!

Celeb Secrets caught up with Dana to hear the story behind the song, and how the dance team brought the whole vision to life. Check out our exclusive Q&A below.

Celeb Secrets: Can you tell us about the choreography for this video, and how it all came to life?

Dana Vaughns: We wanted to bring the music to life. We had a collaboration of choreographers working on it; Nick DeMoura, Antoine Troupe, Tucker Barkley, and Mykell Wilson. “DNA” was put together in five and a half hours split between two days of rehearsal.

Celeb Secrets: The one take shot is fascinating: did you originally know that’s what you wanted to aim for?

Dana Vaughns: I had a couple concepts in mind but couldn’t figure out that thing that would make it special. After a couple weeks of brainstorming with Nick, we decided the one take would capture the energy in the room while showing my talents as an artist and dancer.

Celeb Secrets: How much rehearsal time did everyone have to put in ahead of time, and did you have to do many restarts?

Dana Vaughns: We had 5 1/2 hours of rehearsal to put together and perfect DNA. I’m pretty sure we did 6 takes and on the last one, we knew it was right.

Celeb Secrets: What was the casting like for the other featured dancers, and what was it like working with the group?

Dana Vaughns: We teamed up with a studio in Los Angeles; Kreative Minds. They have a hand-selected “elite” group at the studio and being close with the owner Kolanie Marks, and Antoine Troupe we made it happen.

Celeb Secrets: How do you feel the music video helps bring to life the story behind the song?

Dana Vaughns: This song is supposed to inspire us all to get up, dance, and congregate with all genres of people. The leading line before the hook is “Don’t have to hide, the beat inside, it cha D..N..A.” Insinuating it is literally impossible not to bop your head to this one, and I think this video showcased just that.

Make sure to check out Dana’s latest, “DNA,” wherever you shop and stream your tunes, and leave us your reactions below!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

Kristine is a writer and celebrity entertainment news journalist with a specific obsession with Nickelodeon + Disney Channel shows, boy bands, K-Pop, Broadway, and international series dramas. If she's not writing or tucked away in a good book, she is most likely traveling the world and spamming her friends' Instagram feeds with photos from her adventures. Kristine has a BA in Comparative Literature from Rutgers University (2011), and an MA in Interdisciplinary Humanities and Social Thought from NYU (2013). She is currently pursuing her second Master's in Journalism at Harvard.