Daniella Monet Shares Tips on Transitioning To and Maintaining a Vegan Lifestyle

Being a vegan – or at least trying out a vegan diet – is becoming more socially acceptable these days.

It is becoming easier to transition in Hollywood due to the overwhelming restaurant choices and even alternative options in several supermarkets. Being vegan isn’t just about diet and good health, it is a lifestyle that not only helps the environment, and the rights of animals.

Daniella Monet has been vegan or plant-based for over 15 years, and is a young activist for PETA. Vegan or sometimes called a plant-based diet is eating absolutely no animal products at all.


Monet has always loved animals, so at the age of 5 she decided to learn more about them at a ranch. She wants you to consider and relate what is on your plate, meaning animals do have feelings too.

It was easy for Monet to transition because she was slowly eliminating animal products as days went by. One of her favorite restaurants (and the first she tried) is Real Food Daily in Los Angeles.

If you want to give Vegan food a try, Monet recommends restaurants like Gracias Madre, Cafe Gratitude, and Crossroads in Los Angeles for those curious enough to make a transition. Even though she loves going out to eat, Daniella mostly cooks at home, and shows this with her YouTube videos of vegan recipes. She also shares with us that you can eat vegan anywhere you go, so don’t be discouraged!

Something that really inspired me to go Vegan was visiting an Animal Sanctuary and watching documentaries like Cowspiracy. It is all about educating yourself, taking it slow, and making a choice.

Kennia Cardenas

Written by Kennia Cardenas