Daniella Monet’s Dream Closet Makeover

Imagine walking into a bright, spacious and organized closet every day. It’s every girl’s dream, and Closet Factory can help make that dream a reality!

Daniella Monet (Nickelodeon’s “Victorious,” “Baby Daddy”) recently moved into her new home in Los Angeles and realized she couldn’t create the perfect closet on her own. Monet turned to the Closet Factory for some help remodeling her closet for her and her live-in boyfriend.

“All I wanted to do was have a really cool walk-in functional closet that Andrew (live-in boyfriend) and I could both share easily and house both of ours stuff,” Daniella says.

The Closet Factory helps costumers bring their closets “more order and beauty” and avoid waiting time. Everything they do is custom made and make the customers experience smooth and stressfree. One can only imagine every article of clothing and accessory having its own specific space in a closet. It truely is a dream come true.

“I had no idea what my needs were,” Daniella admitted “until [designer] Joanna Forbes graced me with her presence. She measured our shoes, literally, to see how tall and wide they were so she could give us the space that we needed. She asked us questions like, ‘Do we fold our shirts, or hang our shirts, which shirts do we hang, which do we fold. Do we hang our pants?’”

Designer Joanna Forbes explains that people always forget where they place things, expecally when clothes are thrown all over the house. We have come accustomed to running around looking for that one piece of clothing we just don’t remember where we put.

“To have something that’s really true to me and suits my style, my lifestyle, my clothing and shoe needs – it’s amazing,” Daniella gushes. “I think everyone should do it this way!”

Watch the full closet makeover from Closet Factory video below and check out www.daniellamonet.com for a post by Monet about the closet makeover process.

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