Daniella Perkins and Owen Joyner Reveal Why They Love Being on “Knight Squad”

Juliet Schroder/Celeb Secrets

There are SO many reasons why we’re obsessing over Nickelodeon‘s new show Knight SquadFrom the talented cast to the amazing wardrobe, we can’t JUST pick one!

What we do know is this — to have a good show, you need to have a cooperative and fun cast and crew, which is exactly what Knight Squad has.

Not too long ago, Celeb Secrets met up with stars Daniella Perkins (Ciara) and Owen Joyner (Arc) to spill some secrets about their new show. The one thing that really stood out to us was how excited and passionate they were about just simply being on Knight Squad — something that not all casts have these days.

“I love being on set. I never want to leave,” Daniella told Celeb Secrets EXCLUSIVELY. “Whenever I go to set, I’m like ‘can I just stay here?’ We’re all super close and connect really well, so it’s the best experience ever.”

“It’s awesome [on set]. There’s really, really good energy,” Owen added.

With an attitude like this and talent like that, we expect Knight Squad AND Daniella and Owen to be around for a very long time… and we’re not complaining one bit!

Check out our latest videos with Daniella and Owen below and make sure to watch new episodes of Knight Squad every Saturday at 8:30 on Nickelodeon.

Written by Jozie Schroder

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