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Source: Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images North America
Source: Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images North America
Source: Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images North America

The summer finale of ABC Family’s groundbreaking drama series The Fosters is quickly approaching!

#Brallie fans were jumping for joy after last week’s episode that ended with Callie and Brandon in bed together. After Callie recorded Carmen admitting to her false accusations against Rita and her knowledge of Brandon and Callie kissing, Callie had a choice to make. She could either send the recording to save Rita or keep the recording to save herself. In the end, Callie put Rita first, as she has done with many others throughout the seasons. Callie believed she had sealed her fate and would not longer be adopted. So what did she do? She finally gave into her feelings.

Will Callie and Brandon tell their family about what they did? Will Callie still be able to be adopted? If so, will she choose adoption over Brandon?

To get you excited, CelebSecrets4U chatted with David Lambert to try and get the answers to all of your questions after last week’s episode. In our interview, David discusses the aftermath of Callie and Brandon sleeping together, how his relationship with his foster brother, AJ, is going to play out and where he would like to see Brandon go with his music in future episodes.

Make sure to read our Q&A with David below. The summer finale of The Fosters airs tonight at 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

CS4U: In terms of Callie’s adoption, does this mean that Callie and Brandon keep the fact that they slept together a secret going forward?

David Lambert: That’s definitely the ultimate question that they will be faced with [laughs]. She really thought that she had no chance of getting adopted. That alone was the death sentence really at the end. But that’s really what they’re going to have to figure out in this finale, and it’s an interesting task, one that they were trying to avoid the whole time, and now it’s staring them right in the face.

Without giving too much away, I will say that is essentially the struggle, and they’re going to either have to take the high road or suffer some major consequences. I don’t know if one of them will give and not be able to take it or if they’ll be strong and be able to bury this. Honestly either way it’s a very difficult situation. We’ll see the conversation very soon, because there will be one about this very topic. We’ll see soon enough.

CS4U: What is it about Brandon and Callie’s relationship that brings about so much passion from the fans?

David Lambert: There is always that romantic feeling when two people can’t be together. There’s that grass is greener on the other side, if you will, or the unrequited love thing. That epitomizes what Brandon and Callie have become. It’s a place they shouldn’t have gone, yet they couldn’t help it, and I think that whole idea appeals to people, because you’re acting on emotions that maybe you shouldn’t necessarily act on, impulses. It creates for very interesting situations.

There’s a part of people that have the curiosity to know what will happen and somewhere along the way, they find that they like the two people, and find themselves rooting for them even against all the odds. It becomes this underdog story that you somehow hope will work itself out. I think all those qualities is exactly what Brandon and Callie have had to go through and will continue to go through. There’s something attractive about that subconsciously for us. It’s definitely an interesting dynamic for people to watch, and they like to watch it. Ultimately, they want to know what’s going to happen to them.

CS4U: Do you agree that Brandon doesn’t have to face consequences for his bad choices or would you defend him?

David Lambert: I understand how it looks that way in some senses but there’s also a perspective that actual characters in the show sometimes feel. Mariana has said things to that degree. Jesus has said things to that degree. I think it’s an awkward place that Brandon is naturally put in because of Stef and how they had a family before any of this began, even before Lena. There’s a subconscious very, very small space because of that. I think everyone just does their best to not talk about it and not acknowledge it.

I definitely think Brandon’s had to pay his dues for certain things for sure. He has gone through quite a bit, and it’s not even to do with Callie. Just with music alone, he puts himself through hell every single time. That just comes from a place of him wanting to be passionate and do the best he can. He knows he’s skilled; he knows he’s talented. He may not always have the confidence, but genuinely, he is a good guy and wants to do well and protect his family.

CS4U: What are your thoughts on how Mike and Brandon’s dynamic was interrupted when AJ showed up and how their relationship can proceed going forward?

David Lambert: Brandon has a sensitivity with his dad that we’ve seen. It gets triggered. He might be a bit territorial with his dad but it’s also a really important relationship, and it’s one that Brandon didn’t necessarily always know how to deal with. Obviously we saw it back in Season 1, he didn’t always know how to deal with his dad being his dad, living away, and also having to live with his moms and have that family. That was something that Brandon grew up having to figure out. With an element like AJ, who is an entirely new person that Brandon’s dad connected with him in this odd way, it just threw Brandon for a loop. I don’t think he knew what was going on, but I think he felt a little pushed off to the side, put on the backburner.

Ultimately he just wants to have a relationship with his dad and it’s not always easy. Mike and Brandon are pretty different people, which is also the funny part about it. Mike’s this sports guy, really guy cop, and he has this very musical son. It’s a funny relationship, but at the end of the day, neither of them are going to give up on what they have. They may have their fights or whatever, but they both truly want to be connected to each other. AJ was a curveball for sure and that’s definitely not fully resolved. It’s getting resolved now, but I think it’s still going to take some work and also some navigation probably by Mike as well, not just Brandon. Mike needs to step in and help define what it is, what’s going on here, who AJ is to Mike, who AJ is to Brandon, and how this dynamic will work. It’ll be interesting going forward to see that.

The dynamics with Mike are some of my favorite stuff. Working with Danny Nucci, we have a very close bond, off set as well. It’s really fun for me to work with him, and we really try hard to get that relationship right and make it feel real. There will definitely be challenges for them ahead, but I think they’re always going to figure their stuff out.

CS4U: Do you know how AJ and Brandon’s relationship is going to play out, especially now with things that happened with Callie?

David Lambert: That’s probably going to be a hard pill to swallow truly for Brandon. I think he’s making the right decision by trying to patch it up but I think that’s going to take some work. I don’t know where that relationship will go between them, but I have a feeling, just because of what Brandon was saying in the Idyllwild episode to AJ, I don’t think he would just say something without meaning it. I think he is going to try.

Will there be complications? Maybe. Does he know about AJ and Callie? He does. There are things that are going to most likely get in the way at some point, but I, just David talking, I would like to see them put in an actual effort to start over and do it all over again. At the end of the day, AJ and Brandon can be buddies, but as of right now I think they’re going to have some stuff to work through. I don’t really know where that’ll go, but it definitely seems like Mike has really connected with AJ, and Brandon knows that, too. I think Brandon, even if he doesn’t want to at first, will put in the effort for the sake of his dad.

CS4U: What are your hopes for Brandon as The Fosters continues? Is there a certain storyline you would like to tackle, or do you just hope he reaches a certain point with his music?

David Lambert: I really enjoyed how Brandon went into the rock band era after he hurt his hand and that he found his love for music again through that, but I was also very happy that he went back to classical, because I really think that’s the character. I actually thought the composing thing was an interesting quality as well. I would like to see Brandon continuing to pursue classical music, maybe getting some sort of cool scholarship and having another opportunity to play at some sort of school, some sort of long-term school.

Anything like that I think is where Brandon should go and seems like he’s aiming to go – it’s just a timing thing. He’s still young. He’s turning 17 at this point in the story. He still has time, and he’ll finish out high school. Then it’ll be interesting to see what happens next. I would like to see him continue to pursue classical music much like how he’s done in Idyllwild, but maybe on a greater scale.


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