Diplo Teases New Music With Justin Bieber

iHeartRadio Music Awards crowned Skrillex, Diplo and Justin Bieber with the No. 1 Dance Song of the Year with “Where Are You Now”. Now it looks like Diplo and Bieber have been in the studio stirring up something new!

Diplo met Justin Bieber and instantly connected years back when he was working on “Climax” with Usher. “We’ve done a lot of stuff together that’s unreleased.” Diplo explained. “Before this album, before ‘Where Are U Now,’ I worked on Believe. I did a song with Big Sean… I did a bunch of stuff with him. We did some new [things] that we’re maybe going to put out soon.”

The producer also revealed that “Where Are You Now” was a game changer for Skrillex, Justin and himself.

“It’s such a weird record and Justin was still very much a pop artist. But we kinda just said, hey, we have nothing to lose to do something ridiculous. Everyone kind of benefitted because it was so strange that even if you are — whoever you are, you have to pay attention to that song. So it worked in everybody’s favor.”

He continued,

“It helped Skrillex, it helped me, it helped Justin. It helped everybody just kinda reach a different level outside of that pop world, outside what the preconceived notions are about what kind of music he makes. With ‘Where Are U Now,’ that was a dance song, [but] people automatically hated it in the dance community because of Justin, and then they had to eat their words because it became a big song and got played so many times in the parties.”

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