Disney Plus Newest Series “Diary of a Future President” Allows The Average Girl To Dream Big

“Diary of a Future President” is everything we hoped for and more.

Disney+/Matt Petit

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? Well, Disney+’s newest show, Diary of a Future President  allows you to dream about that moment all over again.

Diary of a Future President is created by Ilana Peña, while Gina Rodriguez serves as an executive producer through her company I Can & I Will Productions. The series stars Tess Romero (Elena Cañero-Reed), Charlie Bushnell (Bobby Cañero-Reed), Selenis Leyva (Gabi Cañero-Reed), and Michael Weaver (Sam Faber).

In the show, Elena Cañero-Reed aspires to one day become the future president of the United States. But, for now, she finds herself navigating through the first year of middle school. As a sixth-grader in Miami, Florida, the 12-year old Cuban girl learns valuable lessons that lay the foundation for her future success. Alongside her best friend Sasha (Carmina Garay), brother Bobby, mother Gabi and her mother’s new boyfriend, Sam, Elena documents the pivotal highs and lows of her pre-teen journey in her handy-dandy purple diary.

Celeb Secrets had the privilege of attending a private screening of Diary of a Future President episodes one and two in Hollywood, California where we got to hear from the creator Ilana Peña and executive producer, Gina Rodriguez. Both mentioning how magical and a dream come true it was to bring this story to life.

As we watched both episodes, we couldn’t help to see how the show is so relatable. We loved how Ilana Peña and Gina Rodriguez narrated different parts of what life can be in today’s society. From blended families, self-discovery in adolescence, friendships, and female empowerment.

Diary of a Future President also does a great job of emulating the mind of a pre-teen/teenage girl going through things that shows in the past didn’t necessarily discuss. Not to mention, how the cast consists of a variety of demographics.

It’s safe to say, Diary of a Future President is really well put together. So dream big because dreams do come true!

New episodes of Diary of a Future President air every Friday on Disney+.

Written by Lupe LLerenas

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