Emily Warren Reveals 5 Secrets From Making “Something To Hold On To” – Exclusive

You’ll never believe what went into making this emotional (yet beautiful) song!

Photo Credit: Blythe Thomas

Out of the hundreds of singers and songwriters that are on the market these days, there are only a few that actually sing and write from the heart. One of those artists is Emily Warren, who you didn’t even realize that you already love.

Emily Warren is a GRAMMY award-winning songwriter who has worked with The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Nick Jonas, Dua Lipa, G-Eazy, Sean Paul, Charli XCX, Camila Cabello, Hailee Steinfeld, Anne Marie, and many more. She’s one of the masterminds behind some of your favorite songs, including Dua Lipa’s “New Rules”, Noah Cyrus’ “Stay Together”, 3LAU x Audien’s “Hot Water”, Alessia Cara’s “The Other Side”, Little Mix’s “No More Sad Songs”, and The Chainsmokers’ “The One”, “Don’t Say”, “My Type”, and “Wake Up Alone”.

Earlier this year, Warren put the spotlight on herself and released two original singles called “Hurt By You” and “Something To Hold On To.” The two tunes are inspired by her personal life and relationships, making her that more intriguing. While similar stylistically, the songs explore different parts of a relationship; “Hurt By You” is about the uncertainty of starting a relationship and falling in love, while “Something To Hold On To” addresses current issues in the relationship. In this case, the selfishness of smoking and how it affects everyone.

Celeb Secrets sat down with Warren not too long ago to learn more about her latest single “Something to Hold On To.” Read below to learn 5 secrets from making STHOT and keep up with Emily by following her on Instagram at @emilywarrennnn.

1. I wrote the first verse, chorus, and second verse the first time I sat down to write the song, but then ended up going back and rewriting the second verse and adding the third verse at the very end. I wanted the whole song to evolve as a story with lyrics that grew in strength and shrunk in weakness with the track. 

2. The song was produced by Mac & Phil, which consists of Matt Holmes and Phil Leigh. Phil is my boyfriend and who the song is about, who is also singing background vocals in the instrumental loudest part.

3. The piano that I wrote it on and am playing in the recording is also the piano I’m playing in the music video we shot

4. I was crying while I sang the end of the song in the recording

5. When the song was nearly done Nick Ruth came in and put his magic sauce on it and finished it. 

Written by Juliet Schroder

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