Emma Ishta Talks #Camsten and Stitchers Summer Finale – Read the Q&A! (@EmmaIshta @ABCFamily)

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The summer finale of ABC Family’s newest drama series Stitchers is quickly approaching!

To get you excited, CelebSecrets4U sat down with Emma Ishta to get you the scoop on what’s to come from tonight’s episode. In our interview, Emma discusses Kirsten’s emotional development, her relationship with Cameron and whether or not we will finally have some answers about the Stitchers program and Kirsten’s parents.

In tonight’s episode, the Stitchers team is on the defense when Cameron (Kyle Harris) and Detective Fisher (Damon Dayoub) are targeted in a shooting. Kirsten’s (Emma Ishta) stitch leads them to Robert Barbiero (guest star Henry Rollins), a security expert who has worked with Maggie (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) in the past and was close to Kirsten’s mom. As Kirsten follows the clues that Ed Clark left her, she finds unexpected answers to long-held questions.

Make sure to read our Q&A with Emma below. The summer finale of Stitchers airs tonight at 9PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

CS4U: Stitchers has been renewed for a second season. Congratulations on that!

Emma Ishta: “Thank you!”

CS4U: Were you surprised at the response you received from your fans?

Emma Ishta: “Yeah, I mean I kind of…I didn’t really have an expectation as to what the response would be, and I had people kind of say, well because of the demographic of the show it’s going to be interesting (laughs), so I guess I kind of thought about that, but I didn’t really have an expectation. I didn’t really know how much people would like it or if they would like it at all or if they wouldn’t like it, so yeah, it’s just been really nice to see that people enjoy it so much.”

CS4U: As the show has progressed, you can see your character, Kirsten, kind of struggling to figure out her emotions from the stitches and from her own memories, will we start to see a more emotional Kirsten maybe in the finale or in season 2? Do you hope that’s what’s going to happen?

Emma Ishta: “I think so. I think that as she’s gone through this season she has gone from being an unemotional person to very much an emotional person who doesn’t really want to share her emotions. It’s an uncomfortable thing for her so she’s still struggling, like you said, with figuring that stuff out. I really hope that in the next season we see her come into her own as a human being and kind of get more comfortable with herself and who she is and where she comes from now that she has found out so much about herself and has gone through this emotional journey.”

CS4U: In yesterday’s episode “Future Tense,” it seems like Liam might have an agenda, will we learn more abut that in the finale?

Emma Ishta: “We’re not going to necessarily find out more about Liam’s agenda, but we’re going to find out the answer to a lot of other questions that have been building since the beginning of the season, and I think Liam’s agenda is probably going to come to light a little more in the second season.”

CS4U: Will we find out more about what happened with Kirsten’s parents and Ed Clark. Can we expect some answers?

Emma Ishta: “Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. We’re going to find out a lot about that.”

CS4U: Can you tease anything?

Emma Ishta: “I think if you’ve…if you watched the trailer for the final episode there’s a point where she says I wasn’t born with temporal dysplasia so we’re gonna find out how she got temporal dysplasia, when she got temporal dysplasia, which can be linked back to the episode with Dr. Sebastian Zuber when she was talking to him about her head injury. Some of that was lies but a lot of that was also truth, so we’re gonna find out how she got temporal and how all of this is linked to her parents. There’s going to be a lot that we find out.”

CS4U: Based on the temporal dysplasia discovery, how do you think that is going to affect Kirsten going into that and knowing that this might not have been something she was born with?

Emma Ishta: “Well, I think it kind of feels like a little bit of a betrayal because so much of what happened in her life she’s been lied to about and she hasn’t known about, so I really think it’s going to change who she is as a person. She’s going to have to come to grips with all of that.”

CS4U: In the most recent episode and in the summer finale promo, you see Cameron’s body possibly in the corpse cassette. Can you tell us anything about that?

Emma Ishta: “His body’s going to be in the corpse cassette. That’s what’s going to happen (laughs).”

CS4U: You can’t foreshadow anything there?

Emma Ishta: “Well, I am going to tell you that what happens to Cameron will remain up in the air at the end of the episode. We’re not going to know if he’s even going to be in the second season.”

CS4U: We have a lot of #Camsten shippers out there. How do you guys, you and Kyle feel about that? Are you kind of hoping for a relationship between them if he comes back for season 2?

Emma Ishta: “I mean, I think you know as actors it’s sort of our job to remain impartial because it’s not really our decision where the characters go, and I think that as much as everyone wants them to be together right away, would that make for the best story? I don’t know. I think it kind of needs to be teased out a little bit. I think they’re relationship has developed really nicely over the course of the season and we’re both looking forward to seeing where it goes in the second season. Certainly, we find out a lot about them in the finale of the season and I think that #Camsten fans will be happy to see that. But in terms of Kyle and I and where we want them to go, I think we kind of just have to trust in our characters and their journey and do our best to bring them to life. You can’t be too attached to one thing as an actor because we’re not choosing where they are, where they’re journeying to.

CS4U: We have two very strong and independent women on the show with your character and with Camille. What are you hoping that female viewers take away from seeing this two women be themselves and work hard for what they want?

Emma Ishta: “I think it’s an important message. I hope that girls watch that and know that they can do anything they want to if they work hard enough and put their mind to it. Everyone is capable of the same things. Except giving birth. Men can’t give birth. That’s it (laughs).”

CS4U: What are your hopes for season 2?

Emma Ishta: “I really hope we get to explore the other characters’ histories and backgrounds and find out more about answers for more questions. Find out about Kirsten’s mom. Find out about her dad. Get more into what the Stitchers program was built for. I hope that the cases get bigger. That we finally see why this exists.”

CS4U: It seems like you guys have a lot of fun on set. What has it been like working with this cast?

Emma Ishta: “Great and we do have a lot of fun on set. I mean it’s just been a great experience. I think we’re very lucky to have a wonderful cast and crew. Everyone is kind and considerate. When you’re working on a TV show, everybody works pretty long hours, like 12-14 hour days, which is actually for TV a very short day so we’re pretty lucky. You want to be working with people that you enjoy and everyone wants to keep the energy on set positive and happy and friendly. I have nothing bad to say about anyone.”

CS4U: Since we are CelebSecrets4U, can you share a secret that your fans might not know about you or maybe a secret about what goes on on set?

Emma Ishta: “What goes on on set? Well, we eat lots of cheetos (laughs). Yep, that’s it. Kyle falls down a lot. That’s not a secret about me though. I’m kind of like sharing his secrets. He falls a lot. Everyone can sing. Allison has a beautiful voice. I haven’t heard Tesh but he claims he can sing very well. Kyle, I mean, he’s been in like touring musicals. Sally is a fantastic singer and I can sing myself.”

CS4U: You should all do a musical.

Emma Ishta: “Exactly. Musical episode. We’ve been pitching it for a while.”

Check out some clips and stills from tonight’s episode.


Photos: Eric McCandless/ABC Family