Eva Gutowski Launches Her Own Clothing Line

It’s All Wild is officially here, and it’s all #AestheticGoals.

It's All Wild Clothing

If Eva Gutowski‘s Instagram feed is full of fashions you wish you could rock yourself, then get ready to get shopping, girl! The YouTuber and web star has added a brand new project to her impressive resume, and it’s an incredibly stylish custom fashion line. That’s right: Eva just launched It’s All Wild, an affordable and effortlessly wearable collection that perfectly coordinates with your dream aesthetic.

“It’s All Wild is your one-stop destination for all things #wanderlust,” the brand shared on Instagram. “Inspired by the IT-girl vibes of the 60’s mixed with the modern day travel babe, were about to deliver you the most high quality, coziest, effortless and must-have clothes you will die to collect! Everything’s on trend, and everything’s timeless. Everything’s designed to let you live wild.”

Eva’s summer designs are the cutest tees, shorts, and scarves you’d love to wear while on vacation or hanging out with your BFFs on lazy and hazy days. In fact, Eva’s first photo shoot pics for her brand feature on-location snaps taken with her own circle of friends, including Teala Dunn, Alyssa Lynch, and her boyfriend Adam Bartoshesky.

“This has been a dream of Eva’s for years, and too see her pour her heart & soul into this for so long, and to see it finally come into fruition today in the form of @itssallwild makes me so happy- I cannot imagine how she feels at this moment,” Adam posted on Instagram to support the launch. “She continues to amaze and inspire me everyday, and I am so ecstatic to see what the future holds for her, and us. Go over to @itssallwild and show it as much love as I have seen Eva put into it. We love you.”

Click through the gallery below to see tons of photos of Eva and her friends rocking these incredible new designs! You can shop her looks now on itsallwild.com and follow her brand’s Instagram @itssallwild.

It’s All Wild Clothing
Kristine Hope Kowalski

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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