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BRETT DIERThe search for answers may lie buried deep within the dream world in the winter premiere of Ravenswood  on Tuesday, January 7th at 9:00 PM ET/PT.

Ravenswood returns with the new episode “Revival.”

Fresh off his trip to Rosewood, Caleb struggles to deal with the aftermath of his brief time with Miranda on the other side.  Remy realizes her dreams may be the best clue they have into understanding the pact, but she unwittingly attracts something that is determined to make sure Remy doesn’t wake up.  And Miranda decides to haunt Mrs. Grunwald for answers but discovers Grunwald may have a ghostly friend of her own.

Meanwhile, Luke and Olivia are unnerved by Collins’ increasing attention towards their mother, and Olivia makes a major decision about Dillon, without realizing his true motivations.

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CelebSecrets4U recently caught up with Brett Dier, who plays Luke Matheson on the show. Check out what he had to say about the series return in our Q&A below…

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Will Luke be handling his own investigating – aside from the group – in order to find out what happened to his father?

Brett: “Yes, there will definitely be some of that.  Luke also gets in some trouble with the law, he gets to go in the back of a cop car.  He’s definitely more involved than in the first half of the season, where he was to himself and didn’t believe in anything.  He’s definitely doing some investigating by himself, with Remy and with his sister. There’s even a cool couple of scenes with Luke and Caleb now, so there’s some bromance going on.”


Is there any hope for Luke and Remy’s relationship in the second half of the season?

Brett: “They are definitely figuring things out and they are a lot better than how they were.  There’s still obviously a little bit of issues but they are working things out.”


Will Luke ever fully believe and become comfortable with the idea of the curse?

Brett: “You know what, actually, he does.  He does eventually get comfortable with it.  Well, not really comfortable, but you know he just accepts it now.”


Will we learn more about the relationship between Luke and Olivia’s mom and Mr. Collins?

Brett: “Oh yes! There’s definitely some of that and it makes Luke extremely angry, so you’ll see some of that too.”


Is there any sort of symbolism behind the little girls in the red coats?

Brett: “I’m actually not sure but she’s definitely creepy.  She creeps me out.”


Why won’t Mr. Collins just come forward and discuss the curse with the group?

Brett: “Yes, that’s what I want to know! It would make it a lot easier for Luke if he just straight up told him, but maybe you’ll see some of that coming up.”


What exactly helps bring Luke and Remy together?

Brett: “Yes, Remy deals with some dream sequences, so it shows some of that, which is really cool.  Luke’s definitely there for her for that, so I think that bonds them a lot closer.”


What key aspects help or hinder the relationship between Luke and Olivia?

Brett: “Stuff definitely gets a lot shakier in the next five episodes, lots of drama, especially between Olivia and Luke and their mom and Collins, so Luke and Olivia work together on that.  They have some kafuffles but you can see their bond getting a lot stronger after that, especially after one really intense scene coming up. Merritt and I had to be really depressed for the scene, so we were depressed for like six hours on set to get into the mindset of the scene. That scene you definitely see Luke and Olivia bond.  It’s a really cool scene, but I can’t give it away. I think it’s the season finale, episode 10.”


What is in store for the friendship between Luke and Caleb?

Brett: “When we come back on January 7th, Luke and Caleb actually do team up to do some mystery hunting, so that’s where you see it blossoming a little bit.  I’m excited to be able to see that.”

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