Exclusive: Daniella Monet Chats “A Fairly Odd Christmas” (@DaniellaMonet)

Nickelodeon brings holiday cheer to viewers with a brand-new live-action/CG TV movie, A Fairly Odd Christmas, premiering Thursday, November 29, at 7 p.m. (ET/PT).  Starring Drake Bell (Drake & Josh) and Daniella Monet (Victorious), A Fairly Odd Christmas follows Timmy Turner as he travels around the world granting kids’ wishes.  When his good intentions get him in trouble with Santa Claus and land him on The Naughty List, Timmy must find a way to save Christmas before it’s too late.

In A Fairly Odd Christmas, Timmy Turner (Bell) travels around the world with his childhood friend, Tootie (Monet), his beloved fairy godparents, Cosmo (voiced by Daran Norris, The Fairly OddParents) and Wanda (voiced by Susanne Blakeslee, The Fairly OddParents), and his fairy god brother Poof (voiced by Tara Strong, The Fairly OddParents), granting kids’ wishes.  Unfortunately, Timmy doesn’t consider that there may be consequences for his actions.  When children start to doubt that Santa Claus exists, a panic begins in the North Pole.  As a result, kids’ wishes begin disappearing from Santa’s “good” list.  Timmy’s well-intended actions eventually land him on The Naughty List.   Timmy must find a way to restore the children’s faith in Santa Claus before ruining Christmas forever.  Meanwhile, Mr. Crocker (David Lewis, A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!) is more determined than ever to harness the fairies magical powers for his own purposes.

We caught up with Daniella Monet, who plays Tootie in the film, to get the deets on what can we expect from A Fairly Odd Christmas. Check it out below…

CelebSecrets4U: So Tootie is back for a brand new movie called A Fairly Odd Christmas. Can you tell us a little bit about the story line and your character?

Daniella Monet: “The storyline picks up where we left off in the last movie.  Timmy is granting wishes all over the place and Santa gets a little upset because Christmas is just around the corner and there are no wishes to grant.  No wishes to give.  And we have to take it up with the Big Man to get Timmy off the Naughty List and save Christmas.”

CelebSecrets4U: What was it like teaming up with the cast again for a second fairly odd movie?

Daniella Monet: “Teaming up with the cast again was so much fun.  We had so much fun together on the first movie!  Being able to do it all over again was a dream come true.”

CelebSecrets4U: Why do you think our readers should check out A Fairly Odd Christmas tomorrow on Nickelodeon?

Daniella Monet: “I think everyone should watch A Fairly Odd Christmas because it’s a great movie for people of all ages!  It’s so cute and reflects the humor fans of the animated series have grown to love.  People will get to see these great characters in a whole new adventure that is filled with Christmas magic.”

CelebSecrets4U: Victorious still has tons of new episodes lined up for the rest of the year.. what can we expect from Trina and everyone else on the show?

Daniella Monet: Trina will continue to be her crazy self! She’s always getting herself into something.  There’s a great episode of Victorious premiering this weekend and there is also new music from the series available now.”

Thank you so much for chatting with us, Daniella! Make sure to tune in to A Fairly Odd Christmas TONIGHT at 7PM ET/PT only on Nickelodeon!

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