Exclusive: Daniella Monet Spills Details on A Fairly Odd Summer – Watch the Interview! (@DaniellaMonet)

FAIRLY ODD SUMMERHey CelebSecrets4U readers!

We stopped by Nickelodeon Studios on Tuesday (July 29) in Burbank, Calif to chat with Daniella Monet about A Fairly Odd Summer!

Daniella plays Tootie in this third installment of “The Fairly Odd Parents” movies. In our interview with Daniella, the actress told us all about A Fairly Odd Summer, her favorite part about filming, how she brings Tootie’s traits to life, working with Drake Bell, upcoming projects, and some behind the scenes set secrets!

In A Fairly Odd Summer, It is summer time and the whole Fairly Odd gang is off to Hawaii… except Timmy.  Now a responsible adult, Timmy’s new job in Fairy World is to watch over the precious Abracadabrium, the source of all fairy magic. But when Timmy decides to bring the Abracadabrium with him to Hawaii, he catches the evil eyes of Anti-fairy Foop and Denzel Crocker, who form an evil alliance and steal the Abracadabrium to rule the world.

A Fairly Odd Summer premieres on Nickelodeon, Saturday, August 2nd at 8 p.m

Check out our interview with Daniella below. Stills from A Fairly Odd Summer under!

Daniella Monet Interview

Photos: Colette de Barros & Norman Shapiro/Nickelodeon

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