EXCLUSIVE: Fickle Friends Dishes On Their New “Glue” EP

The UK-based band just dropped their latest EP — and are taking us through the creative process.

Get ready to add some infectiously catchy jams to your ultimate summer playlist, courtesy of UK-based indie pop band Fickle Friends. The group, composed of Natassja Shiner, Harry HerringtonJack Wilson, Chris Hall, and Sam Morris, just released their EP, Glue — and it’s packed with fun, 80s synth-inspired tracks you’ll have stuck in your head for ages. (Pardon the pun.)

CelebSecrets recently caught up with vocalist Natassja, who told us all about how all of the band’s latest songs came to be. Check out our exclusive Q & A below.


CelebSecrets: Can you tell us about the process of creating your EP, “Glue”?

Natassja Shiner: So the songs were already written. We’ve been sat on “Sugar” and “Vanilla” for awhile (although they were a working progress for the best part of a year). So it came together pretty quickly. “Glue” was already a single and we just produced and finished the other tracks ourselves and got Dan Lancaster (Bring Me The Horizon, Lower Than Atlantis) to mix them. It’s quite lucky how cohesive they all sound considering they’re written years apart.


CelebSecrets: What’s something you really hope sticks with listeners from this release?

Natassja Shiner: The choruses. I wish I could say there’s something super deep and meaningful to take away from these songs but honestly, it’s more of a romantic confession from a summer of flings. Hopefully people will relate.

CelebSecrets: Can you tell us about your sound and some of the musical influences for the group?

Natassja Shiner: I guess our sound is a mixture of stuff we were listening to when we started getting into bands etc. I remember the albums I had on CD in my first car and it kinda sums us up: Ellie Goulding, Two Door, PhoenixFriendly Fires, MGMT, those first records were so good! We also LOVE Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, [and] Justice. All of those people have helped shape our sound.


CelebSecrets: What’s your favorite part of creating new music: playing it live, writing, recording in the studio…?

Natassja Shiner: Definitely writing and performing. The recording has its moments but it doesn’t compare to the excitement of building something from scratch and deliberating over a pre-chorus melody for 2 weeks. Playing live is just a rush. Hard to describe but it’s the best part of the job.


CelebSecrets: Who/what are some artists or songs that are on your personal playlists?

Natassja Shiner: This month? Honne – “Just Dance,” Will Joseph Cook – “Treat Me Like A Lover,” The Killers – “The Man,” Charli XCX – “Boys” (to name a few).


CelebSecrets: What’s something that you’ve learned from touring throughout your years as a band?

Natassja Shiner: That Beaconsfield services is the center of the universe and probably the greatest stop you can make.


CelebSecrets: Where are some destinations you’d still like to reach touring, and what are your current tour plans?

Natassja Shiner: It’s still very much UK and rest of Europe for now. We want to make sure that when we reach the States and Australia etc. that the demand for our music is there. As you can probably tell, we don’t like to rush things.

CelebSecrets: If you could play your music for your childhood selves, what do you think they would have to say about it?

Natassja Shiner: I would have probably said it isn’t as good as Avril Lavigne.


CelebSecrets: Who are some performers that you would love to collaborate with?

Natassja Shiner: Calvin Harris may be the top of the list. Daft Punk maybe on par.


CelebSecrets: For CelebSecrets.com’s favorite question, would you be able to share one fun secret about the band that listeners may not know?

Natassja Shiner: We did some writing with Fall Out Boy‘s Patrick Stump last year and Pete Wentz invited us out for drinks after their show. Rad moment.


To hear some of Fickle Friends’ latest music, make sure to check out the band on Spotify.

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