EXCLUSIVE: Here’s Your First Listen to MACEDO’s New Single “Truth Of It”

Photo Credit: Ryan West

At Celeb Secrets, we’re all about supporting good music from today’s artists, no matter how big or small they are. A new duo MACEDO caught our eyes and ears not too long ago, and we’re introducing you to them in the best way possible — an exclusive first listen to their new song “Truth Of It.”

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If you feel that you haven’t heard of the duo MACEDO yet, you may be right sine they are fairly new on the music scene. This is NOT, however, the first time you’ve seen them!

For those of you who don’t know, MACEDO are comprised of twin sisters Melissa and Michelle Macedo that act in addition to sing. If you watch Netflix’s Girlboss, you’ll definitely know Melissa and Michelle as they play Stacie and Stephanie in the series. They also have leads in James Franco‘s upcoming new blockbuster Blood Heist. 

Their music can be described as electrifying alternative pop, which is super evident in “Truth Of It.”

“While we were writing, this song came from a place of reclaiming our power and speaking our truth. The verses are the reality of the situation and the choruses are the fantasy of what we wished it could be. We wanted the contrast to really pop,” the girls tell Celeb Secrets exclusively. 

Photo Credit: Ryan West

“Truth Of It” is a taste of what the girls’ emotionally driven album Ghost Town will sound like. Set to be released later this year, Ghost Town came from a difficult time Michelle faced when struggling with depression and anxiety. The album’s theme of a mystical creative utopia reflects the musical chemistry the girls are lucky enough to experience.

The best part? All songs were written by Michelle and Melissa! Songwriting as twins offers an extremely unique connection that often involves one twin getting ideas based on a situation the other twin is in.  The girls are opposites in nature and temperament, yet are connected by the inexplicable, emotional bond only shared by twins. Never knowing when inspiration will strike, one sister can start a song and the other can finish it.

We love the path that Michelle and Melissa are on right now, and are rooting for them in every way possible! You can keep up with MACEDO by visiting their website at http://macedomusic.com.

Check out our private stream of “Truth Of It” below… FYI: if you like artists like Lana Del Rey, Banks, Zella Day, and Lorde, then you’ll LOVE MACEDO ;) 

Written by Juliet Schroder

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