Olivia Sanabia on the Return of Just Add Magic: “There’s A Very Unexpected Turn at the End”

The young actress gave us the scoop on the return of her hit Amazon show!

Photo by Todd Williamson/Getty Images for Amazon Studios via Just Add Magic/Facebook

More spells, more suspenses and more stories! That’s exactly what you can look forward to when Just Add Magic returns on Friday, January 19th on Amazon Prime.

To help you gear up for the return and the massive binge watch session you have planned Friday night, we got the scoop on what to expect straight from the source: Olivia Sanabia (who plays the lovely Kelly Quinn!).

Keep reading to find out just what you can look forward to in the new episodes coming your way!

Celeb Secrets: What can fans expect when Just Add Magic returns this season?

Olivia Sanabia: “Fans can expect your favorite elements of Just Add Magic, but also a lot more elements of Kelly’s family. We get to see Kelly’s mom, Terri, on her journey running for mayor and we get to kind of see how this is involved with the family and how that will all play out. We also get to see a very unexpected turn at the end and that was actually my favorite episode of the season – it’s something that you guys won’t expect. It’s super fun!”


Celeb Secrets: This show is based on a bestselling book – did you read it to prepare for the role?

Olivia Sanabia: “I did! It was actually interesting reading the book because it’s way different than our show. Whereas the girls play basketball, in the books the girls play soccer. So they changed a lot of things like that transitioning it into the TV series. It was really interesting to see a different take on what I have known from the show. So anybody who reads the book is going to notice it’s very different from our TV show.”

Celeb Secrets: Do you remember the day you got this role? Describe it for us.

Olivia Sanabia: “I do! I totally remember this day! I found out the day I had just done a “mix and match” where you go and meet with all the other girls and see who has the right chemistry and pretty much who works best together. When me and the two other girls on the show went into the room, we could feel the instant chemistry! We kind of knew we’d be working together for a long time. So when we got home from the “mix and match” we got a phone call that I booked it. I was just so ecstatic! It was one of those feelings where you really do feel like your dreams have become a reality and all your hard work has paid off. It was a really rewarding feeling and I’ll never forget that day.”

Celeb Secrets: Describe your character on the show.

Olivia Sanabia: “So I play Kelly, she is a very family-oriented girl, she loves her friends as well. One thing I like to tell people when describing Kelly is that she has a “heart of gold.” And that’s just something that the fans at “Just Add Magic” point out a lot is how kind and selfless she is. I think she is a really great role model for young girls who are looking up to her. I think she is a wonderful person and she kind of goes through a lot, she’s put through many different trials – whether it’s with her friends, in her personal life or with the magic. She always comes out on top, she always finds a way to face her challenges and yeah, she’s really a one-of-a-kind kind of girl.”


Celeb Secrets: Do you have any similarities to your character?

Olivia Sanabia: “I would hope so! I strive to be like her because she is so wonderful, but I would say we both love our family and put them first before anything in our life. That is definitely something I can relate to because my family is the most important thing to me and Kelly feels the same way. The same with our friends! We love our friends so much. Something about Kelly that is easy to see when you watch the show is she’s sometimes a bit of a perfectionist and she always wants to do her best and that’s the same with me, I can be a bit of a perfectionist.”

Celeb Secrets: Your character has some really close friends on the show! Does that relationship translate off-screen? Do you guys hang out?

Olivia Sanabia: “Absolutely! Oh my gosh, we’ve bonded so much being on set together so many hours. We laugh constantly so we have to take that off set as well. We love going shopping and getting our nails done and doing fun girly things because when we are on set, we’re working.”

Celeb Secrets: This show involves magic! What magic power do you wish you had?

Olivia Sanabia: “That’s such a hard question! I would want to be able to heal people in so many forms – emotionally, physically and I think that would just be the greatest power. That’s what I would do – a healing spell!”

Celeb Secrets: We’re Celeb Secrets – can you tell us one secret from the behind-the-scenes of making this show?

Olivia Sanabia: “We laugh uncontrollably all the time – people come onto the show to guest star or just be a part of our crew and they see us laughing, they kind of say “we’re the entertainment.” Another one would be that was have almost a Harry Potter-like room underneath the stairs in one of our sets. It’s the coolest thing! Our production designer built it for us and it made it our own little hiding spot so we use to go there all the time while filming and just like talk and relax when we weren’t filming a scene. We would kind of create these little contraptions of how to lock the door when we left the room. We have the best time, it was like our own little space to go when we just sort of wanted to relax and have fun together.”


Written by Cassie Hudson