Exclusive Premiere: Listen to Chelsea Dash’s “Take A Picture” Now! (@IamChelseaDash)

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Robert Larson
Robert Larson

Fresh off the release of her single “Massive Attack,” Chelsea Dash is back on the music scene with her new single “Take a Picture” and we have it available for you to listen to exclusively on our site!

A recent alumna of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Chelsea Dash has been entertaining audiences with her stunning, four octave, power house voice from a very early age. She made her musical debut at a preschool “Show and Tell” with a lively rendition of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” – shocking peers and teachers alike, and nearly leading to her expulsion.

“’Take A Picture’ is probably the most honest song I’ve ever written. It was inspired by my experiences being hit on as a young woman living in Manhattan. Nearly every verse is literally a conversation I’ve had with a guy. It’s definitely a shout out to all  my beautiful, confident young women and not putting up with tacky come-ons but in a playful, fun and sassy way. The song to me evokes bright and fun imagery, so the lyric video was inspired by that with a slight pop art and picture theme.” Chelsea exclusively tells us.

We’re lovin’ Chelsea’s new track and think you will as well! Make sure to watch the lyric video for “Take A Picture” below.

CS4U: You recently released your music video for “Massive Attack” and now your lyric video is out. Could you tell us a little bit about the song and the production of the music video? 

Chelsea Dash: “‘Massive Attack’ is sort of my version of an empowerment song, I guess you could say! It’s kinda my little reminder to myself to always fight for what I want and to never give up. The song is very trip hoppy,  and gives off a femme fatale or female 007 type of vibe. We took that vibe and set it to visuals with the music video and even in the lyric video as well. The music video was shot in downtown LA, on and near the 6th street bridge. We filmed it in the middle of the night. There’s a bit of a “Bonnie & Clyde” theme to it with a twist at the end. I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet tho!”

CS4U: We absolutely love your style, especially your outfits in the music video. Is there any advice you can give to your fans on how to rock their individual look?

Chelsea Dash: “Thank you! I think what I’ve learned is to always wear what your most comfortable in and to dress for your body type, highlighting your favorite features about yourself. I was blessed with long legs, so I usually will rock a short skirt or short shorts to show them off.  I also recommend experimenting and having fun with accessories. I’ve been known to make my own accessories from broken necklaces and ribbons from birthday or christmas presents (i’ve made them into belts or chains/ribbons that dangle from my belt loops, or turned them into cuffs, anklets, or even hair extensions/decorations). Experiment, have fun and be creative. You never know, you could totally start a new trend!”

CS4U: You’ve performed at the White House, Staples Center and Madison Square Garden. Where would you like to perform next? Is there a tour in the works? 

Chelsea Dash: “I’d love to perform at the Super Bowl one day! That’s a goal of mine. I do really hope to tour next year, but we’ll have to see where the music takes me!”

CS4U: You recently graduated from Berklee College of Music. How did that shape the kind of artist you are today? Would you recommend going to school to study music? 

Chelsea Dash: “Berklee was a confusing time for me as an artist actually! You are forced to study and learn the ins and outs of so many different types, genres, sub genres, and styles of music that it was hard sometimes for me to really hone in on my specific sound because I was immersed in so many different sounds! It really wasn’t until after Berklee, when I was thrust into the professional music business that I really was able to decipher my unique, sound, vibe and writing style. Berklee was great for me as a musician though! I am so well-rounded as a musician because of my education there. I can sing and write pretty much any type of music, which is really rad. Music school isn’t for everyone- you definitely don’t need a degree to be a professional musician, but for me personally, it took me from being a great singer who dabbled in songwriting, to a full fledged professional musician and songwriter. A huge reason that I am able to work with and collaborate with the people I do today, is because I have a Berklee education.”

CS4U: You started your career singing “Like A Virgin” in preschool. Have you taken any more risky moves to succeed in the music industry? 

Chelsea Dash: “I think it’s important to note here that this preschool performance of “Like A Virgin” was pretty much an accident! I listened to whatever my mom played for me at that age and I loved her Madonna cassette. So much so, that I decided to bring it in for “Show & Tell” and as part of my presentation to my class, perform my favorite song off of it: “Like A Virgin”. It almost lead to my expulsion! But it also got my parents to put me in voice lessons, so that’s good! I definitely do things my own way in the music world. I recently produced my own music video for “Take A Picture” completely behind my teams back, without input from management, label, lawyer, marketing, mentors  etc, because the original video they shot for me, I ended up hating! I took matters into my own hands, used my savings to pay for it, and shot a brand new video for the song. I handled every aspect of it but I kept my entire team in the dark about it until  I walked into a meeting in NYC with my team and let the finished video speak for itself. They were speechless but in the best way; the video turned out amazing and everyone was happy! That was a pretty risky move but it paid off!”

CS4U: You grew up in California, moved to Boston for school and then moved to NYC. Do you think these different cities have influenced the style of your music? 

Chelsea Dash: “Wow, you pay attention! That’s so cool. Yes,  I think environment definitely influences my music. I grew up in a small town in California but always knew I wanted to live in NYC. When I moved there, I was exposed to so much more- the club and DJ scene and street hip hop music. That’s probably why so much of my music from Berklee on, has been heavily urban influenced too.  There’s a gritty-ness to it. It’s pop but with an urban edge. It definitely should be buzzing in your headphones as you strut down the streets in NYC! It’s totally that vibe.”

CS4U: Can you tell us about your songwriting process. Where do you get the inspiration from your lyrics? Is any topic on the table? 

Chelsea Dash: “I started songwriting when I was about 14 but I had very little life experience to write about.  I did have a pretty great imagination though! I’ve written many songs about my friends experiences too (“Quicksand” was actually written about a guy my best friend from high school was dating on and off thru college). I even wrote a whole EP about one of my ex-boyfriends, so yes, basically anything is on the table! “Take A Picture” is totally auto-biographical. Pretty much every verse in “Take A Picture” is something I actually said to a guy who was hitting on me. My song “Fall Over Me”, (on the upcoming Dangerous EP) was loosely inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s character in the classic movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. So I draw inspiration from anything and everything as you can kinda tell!”

CS4U: What can we expect from you next?

Chelsea Dash: “My music video for “Take A Picture” will be out very soon! I’m so proud of the video and the song and can’t wait for everyone to see it and enjoy the song. I think a lot of people are gonna be feeling it!”

CS4U: Since we are CelebSecrets4U, is there any secret you can share that your fans don’t know about you? 

Chelsea Dash: “Since you are CelebSecrets4U, I’ll tell you a secret about me that involves another celebrity! A couple years ago, actor Seann William Scott (He plays Stiffler in the American Pie movies) asked me out. We met on a plane flying from NYC to LA. I gave him my info but he never called! Oh well. That’s a pretty good celeb secret, right? :)”

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