Fall Out Boy Is Looking To Recognize True Hometown Heroes

The band is calling on you to nominate a #FOBChampion in your own life.

I have always considered the guys of Fall Out Boy to be among the first of my musical heroes. The pop-punk band is the first major group that captivated my interest for the long term, and transcended my teen avid music-listening years into adulthood. Well now, the band is on a mission to honor a different kind of game-changer: the guys are looking for everyday local heroes who give back to their communities in ways big and small, and make them part of the Champion of the Mania project.

The band’s Instagram posted an announcement that details how you can nominate a special hero in your own community. Plus, the guys announced the creation of the Fall Out Boy Fund, an organization that is going to give back to their own hometown of Chicago.

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Announcing the Fall Out Boy Fund 💜💜

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“We started the fund as a way for us to give back to Chicago, the city that has given so much to us,” the band shared in their statement. “To kick things off, we’re donating money to Back to the Roots, an organization that brings gardening and food education to schools and helps inspire kids to experience the magic of growing their own food. With the funds, we’re able to provide 20,000 elementary school kids in the Chicago area with an organic gardening kit and Back to the Roots curriculum to each student.”

“We’re taking these first steps to become a champion for Chicago, but we’re not stopping there,” the group added. “We want to celebrate people that exemplify kindness, bravery, generosity, and every thing else that brings goodness to the forefront. Starting today, you’ll be able to nominate yourself, a family member, a loved one or a friend from your local community to be chosen as the #FOBChampion of your show. We’re looking for people who are helping change the world for the better.”

Each show of the tour will honor another outstanding citizen of a nearby area, plus the band will donate portions of the fund to a charity in that hero’s name. How cool is that?

In other exciting news, the band just dropped the music video for their latest song “The Last of the Real Ones,” off of their upcoming album “Mania.” Yes, the llamas are back. You can check it out below:

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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