Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui Speaks Out Against Mental Health – Read the Statements! (@laurenjauregui)

photo source: laurenjauregui (Instagram)

Lauren Jauregui from Fifth Harmony has always been the rebellious and outspoken one of the female group, so it’s really no surprise that her latest rant received some major backlash from a lot of people, including her very own Harmonizers.

The 19 year-old unleashed her wrath via Instagram earlier this week. She apparently sought out professional help from a psychiatrist, but left the session feeling unsatisfied and livid. She writes, “Psychiatrists are f**king glorified drug dealers. Just met with one who didn’t listen to anything I said and then tried to put me on antidepressants and anti-seizure medication. Cool.” She expressed her anger even more as she goes into detail of why she despises them.

“Psychiatry is a joke. Not a real profession. You’re drugging our youth. Prescribing pills for for sadness and creating a generation of misunderstood teens who are forced to understand that their problems as things that can fill up pill bottles. Fuck this medical system. Making money off of destroying young lives. Ya’ll should be ashamed.”

Her blunt and eyebrow-raising tirade was shared with more than 1 million of her Instagram followers and received over 15,000 likes in just the few hours that it was up. Jauregui finally realized that she took things a little too far and made a public apology on her Twitter the next day. She admits that she’s “so sorry” and that she “didn’t mean to offend anyone”.


photo source: laurenjauregui (Instagram)

Some fans supported her opinion, while others formulated an opinion of their own, thus causing quite the controversy among the fandom. Some claim that she apologized that she took it so publicly, not for calling Psychiatry “a joke”.

Hopefully next time, Lauren will keep her rants private and be a little more cautious about what she says publicly. Do you think she’s genuinely sorry for what she said or just sorry because of all the backlash she’s receiving? Tweet us your opinion @CelebSecrets4U!