First Listen: Cards Drops New Song “Forever Nothing”

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Indie producer and songwriter Mike O‘s “Forever Nothing” doesn’t hit digital retailers until tomorrow, however, Celeb Secrets has your exclusive first listen TODAY!

Written by Mike for his latest project CARDS, the song blends alternative and Caribbean sounds as accompaniment to dark yet optimistic lyrics which are a constant theme in his songwriting.

“Most songs I write end up revolving around a simple concept that I try relate to in a new way.  I’ve always been into the idea that the universe is made up of nothing and looking at relationships or struggles with that kind of thinking can put a lot of things into perspective.  It makes it easier to put aside things that went wrong or the fear that things could go wrong again.”

Listen to “Forever Nothing” below:

While you may not be familiar with Mike’s original music before, you have definitely heard some of his work before, as he’s collaborated with artists including T-Pain, Bad Royale, Wyclef Jean, Happy Sometimes and Ryon’s WorldA multi-instrumentalist originally from the Philadelphia area, Mike’s worked as a Jazz guitarist around town and as a touring sideman for Indie-Pop artists before leaving for Brooklyn and ultimately LA. We like to call him LA’s best kept secret 🙂 

Make sure to give Mike a follow on Instagram at @cardsmusic and listen to all of his tracks below:

Written by Juliet Schroder

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