J. Cole Releases “G.O.M.D.” Music Video – Watch Here! (@Jcole)



J. Cole is on fire, ever since his latest album “Forest Hills Drive” it seems every week a new song off the album is being played, this week what is streaming on everyone’s Youtube is the music video for G.O.M.D. This song depicts the back lash of having people constantly weigh you down with negative and never having an amount of strength to speak up until now. The song itself shows strength and shows off J-Cole’s ability to present bars with beats and jazz undertones. His album is simply a marvel to listen to and shows this artist has plans on staying as everyone’s favorite rapper.

The music video was beautifully done showing the history of slavery and relating it to the message of the actual song. J-Cole is a slave in the video not only battling being  slave but also finding his place among the two races. In the end he ends up revolting with the other slaves and the video ends with them being caught dancing around a bonfire. This song truly is going to be well known, for a very long time and we except to keep hearing J. Cole on the radio for the next year. For any more news on this artist ad other’s make sure to keep checking online!

[youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHU6ZRQJ50Q”]