Gavin Macintosh Talks Connor and Jude’s Relationship on “The Fosters” – Read the Q&A! (@gavinmacintosh)

Courtesy of Persona PR
Courtesy of Persona PR

Connor (Gavin Macintosh) is still sending Jude (Hayden Byerly) mixed vibes on Monday’s The Fosters, and CS4U has the scoop on what you can expect from the brand-new episode!

In “Justify the Means,” Stef confides in Lena and Callie about a plan that will make it possible for the Adams Fosters to adopt Callie, but she’s not being fully honest about some of the steps she’s taken to put the plan in motion. In turn, Lena hasn’t been completely truthful with Stef about her conflicting emotions over expanding their family. Meanwhile, Brandon has an opportunity to pursue his dream of being a classical musician, but it could come at a price. Jude breaks the rules in order to be with Connor and faces dire consequences.

CS4U recently caught up with Gavin find out the deets on his relationship with Jude (Hayden Byerly). Are they friends or something more? In the Q&A, Gavin teases what we can expect from Connor’s relationship with Jude, the most rewarding part about playing Connor, and what he loves most about working on The Fosters. Read the Q&A below.

Make sure to tune in to a brand-new episode of The Fosters this Monday, March 9 @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

CS4U: What’s going to be happening with Connor and Jude?

Gavin Macintosh: “Connor and Jude are like an onion, figuratively speaking. Each episode, they have been breaking new boundaries and peeling back a layer of their friendship. These two will continue to evolve and grow and viewers will get to know them better. What will eventually happen to Jude and Connor, I am not sure. That is all up to the writers/producers of the show.”

CS4U: Will they be friends, something more, or have no contact with each other?

Gavin Macintosh: “I personally think they will remain friends, no matter what happens in the future.”

CS4U: Do you think Connor was right in breaking up his friendship with Jude?

Gavin Macintosh: “I think Connor, and Jude equally, felt they needed to show each other how they felt, and everyone expresses their emotional differently. . Being 13, can be confusing enough, add in that these two may be questioning their sexuality and things can get really complicated.  I think this has affected their friendship.”

CS4U: What’s the most rewarding part about playing Connor?

Gavin Macintosh: “The most rewarding part about playing Connor is the effect my character has on kids who are struggling with the same problems as him.  Being a teenager today is not easy, but being a teenager that may be confused or questioning their sexuality and overall place in society, that can cause a lot of emotional problems. So I think the show, and my character, can help kids relate – and let them know it’s ok to try to figure out their place.”

CS4U: What’s your favorite part about being on The Fosters?

Gavin Macintosh: “Working with the entire cast, such great talent and overall special group of people. And of course spreading a positive message to viewers and fans.”

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