Get to Know Jerome Bell with 5 Never-Before-Heard Secrets

Courtesy of Effective Immediately PR

You may remember Jerome Bell as “Seaweed J. Stubbs” on Broadway in the hit musical Hairspray or as a Top 40 semi-finalist on the tenth season of American Idol. A lot has changed for the singer since then, and Celeb Secrets is filling you in with everything you need to know!

Since being in Idol and on Broadway, he has also performed at the 66th Annual Tony Awards. A Texas-native, Jerome now resides in NYC where he is making a name for himself as an innovative and rising Pop R&B Artist.

Jerome’s latest track, “Burn Easy” puts the spotlight on his cool bravado. The song fuses Caribbean-inspired beats and guitar hooks to drop listeners onto an ocean-front dance floor, straight out of a summertime paradise. Co-written by Jerome, Josh Tobias and GC Castillo (Space 9) and produced by GC Castillo, “Burn Easy” is a soul infused reggae-inspired song with plenty of crossover pop and song-of-the-summer potential.

Celeb Secrets caught up with Bell recently to talk about our specialty — secrets. Check out five secrets about Jerome by clicking through the gallery below and keep up with him by following him on Twitter at @jeromebellsings.

Written by Juliet Schroder

Juliet is the founder and executive producer/host of Celeb Secrets and Celeb Secrets Country. When not reporting on the latest news in pop culture and country music, she enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and exploring the latest fashion trends.

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