Get To Know Plastic Martyr – Exclusive

Celeb Secrets is giving you the inside scoop on this rising star — in her own words!

Plastic Martyr
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Whether you know Plastic Martyr from the reality TV world — Little Women LA — or from her acting roles — like Amazon’s Transparent or the movie Scumbag — there are always more fun secrets left to uncover! The transgender star is all about using her voice for activism, especially fighting for equal rights for the trans community. Plus, she has an exciting year 2019 ahead, filled with new career moves you’ll really want to known about.

To get you up to speed as you await her highly-anticipated next move, Celeb Secrets tasked Plastic Martyr with filling out a personal questionnaire. Make sure to check out all of her answers below!

Three words I’d use to describe myself are: Crazy, Loyal, Dark.

My favorite way to spend a weekend is: At home with my puppy playing Zelda.

Something my closest friends would tell you about me is: That I’m incredibly germaphobic and OCD.

The song that had the most influence on me growing up was: Dope Show by Marilyn Manson

The three most-played songs on my personal playlist are: 1. Better Man – Beth Hart. 2. Mercy On Me – Christina Aguilera. 3.Too Good At Goodbyes – Sam Smith

I am the proudest of myself for: Always staying true to who I am, and being strong enough to block out the negativity from the rest of the world.

My most exciting accomplishment so far has been: Getting to act in my favorite show Transparent.

The biggest goal that I still want to accomplish is: Breaking down a huge barrier in the music industry and be the first transgender female artist to win a Grammy.

I will always use my voice to speak up for: Equality, and human rights.

A fun secret talent nobody knows I have is: I’m super double jointed and can bend my legs in bizarre non-human ways.

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Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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