Get to Know Rising Teen Singer Kolten Kirschke with These 5 Fun Facts

Known for covering Justin Bieber’s classic hits, the Sherman, Texas native is ready to show the world his original music later this year.

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At Celeb Secrets, we’re all about discovering new and young talent and introducing them to you before they make it big. Today, we are introducing you to Kolten Kirschke — a young teen from Sherman, Texas that’s ready to show the world what he’s truly capable of!

The 13-year-old is what they call “a triple threat” — he sings, dances, AND acts! Whether he’s starring in Future Man with Josh Hutcherson and Seth Rogen, dancing for the non-profit
organization Tru Crew, or performing covers of Justin Bieber’s classic hits all over Texas, Kolten can do handle it all while still managing to be a normal teenager.

Kolten has been busy in the recording studio with Nashville/Los Angeles producer Zak Lloyd and will release original music later this year. In the meantime, get to know Kolten by learning some fun facts about him below and keep up with his endeavors by following him on Instagram at @koltenkirschke.

1. My first original was written about my first crush and she didn’t even live in the same state!

2. At age 4 I was asked to be in a commercial after eating in their restaurant which launched my industry career.

3. The first time to ever perform for a live audience I cried backstage then won the VIP Choice Award for my performance.

4. In my free time I’m a big gamer and have live streams on Twitch and only two people know my real name.

5. My first film credit was filmed in a trailer in the middle of no where and I had to film all scenes without shoes.

Juliet Schroder

Written by Juliet Schroder

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