Get to Know Singer Karina Rae – Exclusive

Celeb Secrets asked the singer to dish on accomplishments, goals, and more in our exclusive questionnaire!

Karina Rae

We like to say there’s always room on your playlist for more epic jams. Since it’s so much fun to discover new music, we just have to introduce you to Karina Rae, a rising artist who is about to wow us with her original new music.

To get you up to speed before she drops her track “Go Off” later this month, Celeb Secrets asked Karina to fill out a personal questionnaire detailing her personal story. Make sure to check out all of her answers below!

Three words I’d use to describe myself are: Friendly, Creative, Goofy

My favorite way to unwind after a busy day is: Changing into comfy clothes, watching some Shane Dawson

Something my closest friends would tell you about me is: Probably that I’m a little
dramatic, but always have good intentions.

The three most-played songs on my personal playlist are: The new 1975 album

I am the proudest of myself for: The person that I’m growing to be. I’ve overcome a
lot of battles and I’m grateful for who it’s made me become.

My most exciting accomplishment so far has been: I’d say this would have to be anything that not only makes me proud, but makes my mom proud. All I really want aside from my dreams to come true is to make my mom proud of me.

My favorite thing about social media is: How easy it is to communicate with those who support me and my music. I LOVE to always dm and talk to whoever reaches out. Whether it’s to give some advice or even to just say hello, it always makes my day that much better.

The biggest goal that I still want to accomplish is: I want to headline my own tour. I’d
want to play across North America.

One of my favorite quotes is: “Do Something” Anything, just don’t sit still. I’ve got
it on my arm permanently.

My favorite vacation spot ever is: Colombia! I love seeing family and also getting in
touch with my culture.

A fun secret talent nobody knows I have is: I’m not a bad actress! Uh, I might be a
cat whisperer but I’m still working on it.

One thing I can’t wait for is: The day I can release a full length album.

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Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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