Go Inside Prom’s Meet and Greet at the Glendale Galleria!

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Last Friday we headed out to Macy’s at the Glendale Galleria to hang out with the cast members from Disney’s Prom, which hits theaters TOMORROW, April 29th.

Select cast members signed Prom posters for the first 250 fans that showed up to the event. At the signing event, Macy’s shoppers made a girl’s prom dream come true by donating their gently worn prom or formal dresses, which will be given to LA’s Prom Closet, a local DonateMyDress.org chapter.

Kylie Bunbury, DeVaughn Nixon, and Aimee Teegarden stopped to talk to us about the flick. Here is our Q&A with the cast.

CelebSecrets4U: If you can take any of your cast mates as your date to prom, who would you choose?

Kylie Bunbury: “Mine would be Lloyd. I would take this tall drink of water (points to Braun).

DeVaughn Nixon: “I would take Mei… Mei is Justin’s girlfriend, they’re the perfect couple.

CelebSecrets4U: What has been your most memorable prom moment?Memorable

Kylie Bunbury: “My memorable moment was my horrible dress, I had to worst colored dress. We called it the “Sherbert Dress” because it was a mixture of colors. It had lime green, yellow, turquoise. I mean, it was colors that should have never been put on my body.
DeVaughn Nixon: “Someone passes gas in my limo on the ride on the way over . . . For some reason, at that time, when the guy has passed gas, the windows all of a sudden decided not to work, so we were just trapped, just like in the bubble of fart.

CelebSecrets4U: Short dress or gown?

Kylie Bunbury: “Short! Definitely short for me. I like the short dress, I like some legs.”

CelebSecrets4U: What are some differences between you and your character, Nova Presscott?

Aimee Teegarden: “I would say the biggest difference is in “Prom,” my character is very involved in prom. She helps with the planning, the decorations, the music and all that kind of stuff. She is so stressed out about it, and I wasn’t like that at all in high school. For my Prom I just kind of showed up and had a good time.

CelebSecrets4U: How was your high school Prom experience?

Amiee Teegarden: “You know, traveling all over and talking to so many teens about what their prom was like, my prom was very mild. Nothing crazy or outrageous happened! It was drama-free, and it was a good time.

CelebSecrets4U: Any advice for teens going to Prom this spring?

Aimee Teegarden: “I would say that straps are important. That way, when you’re dancing, you don’t have to do the little pull-up thing.”

There you have it!

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