Haley Ramm Talks “Chasing Life” Season 1 Finale & Brenna’s Future – Read the Q&A!

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The season one finale of ABC Family’s hit drama series Chasing Life is quickly approaching us, and CS4U has the scoop on what you can expect from the rest of the season straight from the cast!

In Monday’s episode titled “Life, Actually,” April and Beth confide their doubts about each other’s boyfriends and decide to arrange a double date to get to know the guys better. April tries to hide her disappointment when Leo pulls away from the cancer support group while Beth and Graham find themselves at odds over a recent big decision. Dominic gets closer to Natalie after learning they share a sentimental connection, but Natalie worries about what April might think.

Meanwhile, Sara wants to keep her latest fling easy and uncomplicated but then learns something shocking about her lover. And, after a fight with her mother, Greer turns to Brenna for support.

CS4U caught up with Haley Ramm, who plays Brenna on the series, recently to give you the scoop on what’s next on Chasing Life. In our interview, Haley talks about Brenna’s relationship with Greer and her half-sister Natalie, what viewers can expect from the season finale, Brenna’s “wild child” phase, and if she’s team Lapril or Dapril. Make sure to read the Q&A below!

Chasing Life premieres on Mondays @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

Can you talk a little bit about where the relationship between Brenna and Greer is headed?

Haley Ramm: They’re not romantic at the time, but I think that no matter what happens between Brenna and Greer, whether it does go romantic again or if it doesn’t, they’re always going to be friends because they’ve confided in each other a lot at this point; and they’re holding each other’s secrets, which is really sweet and I think it’s bonded them together. So no matter what, I think they’re going to be on good terms.

Do you think Brenna is over her “wild child” phase that fans saw so much of in the beginning of Chasing Life?

Haley Ramm: “I don’t think Brenna is done with her young wild, reckless phase quite yet.  She’s still in high school, so she’s going to rebel a little bit more. And especially having Natalie around, who knows what kind of influence she is going to have on Brenna.  Her path has changed a lot since the beginning because of April’s cancer and it forced her to step up and mature and help out the family a little bit more. But I don’t think that she’s goody, goody forever, but she always means well.”

Can you talk about the relationship between Brenna and her half-sister Natalie? Is that heading in a good direction?

Haley Ramm: I think that it’s a good relationship to Brenna because she sees herself in Natalie.  April and Brenna are so opposite from each other, she can relate to Natalie more than she does to April, but Natalie might be influencing Brenna in a not-so-great way.  In the next episode, Sara is going to try to get Brenna to take school more seriously because college is right around the corner and there are no signs of Brenna backing down — and Natalie isn’t helping the situation.   

Are you personally team Lapril [Leo and April] or Dapril [Dominic and April]? 

Haley Ramm: “I don’t know! I want to say Dominic just because he was there in the beginning and you want to root for the first guy when things don’t go his way. But then Leo is so charming. I can’t pick between the two guys!”

Do you have any teasers for upcoming episodes that you’re able to share with viewers?   

Haley Ramm: “Yes, as far as Brenna goes, she’s going to start thinking about college soon and having Natalie in town isn’t the best influence for her. So at the end of an episode, Brenna does make a decision about school that’s a very “Brenna decision” [laughs].”

Do you think the fans will be happy with how the season ends?  

Haley Ramm: “Yes I do, in some ways. But I think the topics that we’re dealing with are very true to life and sometimes life doesn’t go your way or the way that you hope that it would go, so I think that I would just compare it to life in general.  There are parts people are going to be happy with and parts that are going to keep people watching next season; so many questions!”

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