Have You Downloaded Chance The Rapper’s New Album? Check Out Why You Should Here! @ChanceTheRapper

Chance The rapper

Chance The Rapper released his album “Surf” featuring the collaboration of Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment for free on Itunes. That’s right you read it correctly, he dropped his album for free. This surprising choice has done him well since as of this week over 618K have downloaded the full album. He sent a tweet out to his fans and they immediately listen and reaped the rewards, now you can too!

Why should you download the album? Not only is it musically stunning with the mix of instruments, beats and lyrics, they have tracks to fit every musical lover’s interest. Chance has taken an album and turned it into an art piece, scatting, rapping and spreading his ideas through music. It left us dazzled and thankful. Check out the full Track List below and go download that album!


1. Miracle

2. Slip and Slide

3. Warm Enough

4. Nothing Came To Me

5. Wanna Be Cool

6. Windows

7. Caretaker

8. Just Wait

9. Familiar

10. Smthnthtlwnt

11. Go

12. Questions

13. Something Came to Me

14. Rememory

15. Sunday Candy

16. Pass The Vibes