Here Are Celeb Secrets’ Top Movies of 2019

Did you favorite make the cut?

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If you are like us, you have spent a good deal of the year with your eyes glued to the big screen. 

The movies of 2019 were some of our favorites of the decade, so we compiled a list for the less astute viewer.  Do yourself a favor and end the year tuned in to these ten best flicks.

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Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame

In the ultimate ending to Marvel’s epic film series we are met with some tough goodbyes.  We don’t have to tell lovers of these movies why it ended up on the top of our list.  


A witty, coming-of-age story jammed into one crazy night. This indie film made its way into many viewers hearts this year.


Many fell in love with this J-Lo led film. The online experts at Rave Reviews even named it “one of this year’s most entertaining films.”

Marriage Story

You’ve probably seen this one plastered all over your social media. If you haven’t yet – grab some tissues and stream this one on Netflix now!

It Chapter Two

After the first great installation, we had to hit the theaters this year for this freaky follow-up.


Critics couldn’t stop raving about this depiction of a villain you never saw coming. If you are like us, you saw this one a few times.

Knives Out

This live-action play on the beloved board game “Clue” features an all-star cast and some mega laughs.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Need we say more?


Jordan Peele can do no wrong with his original thrillers. Try sleeping after this one!

Little Women

Greta Gerwig is on a roll with this adaptation featuring one of the best casts of the year. One of the latest releases of 2019 is a hit with people of all ages.

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